• Thrillz Rides - Seven Dwarfs
  • Thrillz Rides - Manta
  • Thrillz Rides - Little Mermaid
  • Thrillz Rides - Water Ride
  • Thrillz Rides - Toon Town

Disneyland Park

  • Anaheim, California, USA

Show Status


Opening Date

May 22, 2015

Length (Time)

~ 20:00

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Last Update

September 26, 2015

Paint the Night Parade

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Production Level: 99.5% - 2 votes
Unique Factor: 99.5% - 2 votes
Comfort: 92.5% - 2 votes
Theming & Story: 100% - 2 votes

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Revel in the glow of one million colorful lights during the biggest, brightest and most vibrant parade in the history of Disneyland Park! Check the Disneyland website for updated showtimes and locations.

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  • I'm not gonna lie. I LOVE this show. The mix between modern music and LED lighting with a throw back to the Electrical Parade make this my new favorite Disney parade! I love the music, I find myself listening to the full soundtrack of it a lot. This is a must-see show at Disneyland!

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