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  • Enkhuizen, the Netherlands

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December 28, 2015

Oetang Orkest

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Production Level: 82.5% - 2 votes
Unique Factor: 95% - 2 votes
Comfort: 57.5% - 2 votes
Theming & Story: 82.5% - 2 votes

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The Oetang Orkest always plays a happy tune. I'm sure you'll be having a hard time not to dance or sing. The lyrics are:

Kom eens met z'n allen naar het Sprookjesland
Sprookjeswonderland, Sprookjeswonderland
Groot en klein die lopen samen hand in hand
In Sprookjeswonderland, in Wonderland.


Let's all go to the fairytale land
Fairytale Wonderland, Fairytale Wonderland
Big and small, walk hand in hand
In Fairytale Wonderland, in Wonderland

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  • This is a very silly show. The animatronics are pretty.. old fashioned and move like your grandma, that just had a hip surgery. But that song... it's.. quite mesmerizing. You first stand there, waiting for your child to be ready to move on, but before you know it you swing your daddy hips, point towards random people, and sing along.

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