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  • Salou, Spain

Ride Status


Opening Date

August 26, 2015

Top Ride Speed

72 mph / 116 km/h

Minimum Height

55 Inches / 140 cm

Maximum Height

77 Inches / 196 cm

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Last Update

August 27, 2015

Hurakan Condor

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The main attraction of Mexico in PortAventura and one of the major rides of the theme park is the Hurakan Condor. The only attraction of the park that will rise to 100 meters for you to experience what its like during a true free fall. It is the tallest attraction of PortAventura, you'll see how standing in the middle of Mexico is an impressive tower that just doesn’t stop climbing up and when you reach the top, wait a few seconds, then you will drop rapidly. Only if you have previously done a free fall, then you will know the feelings that you will experience on this ride, the Hurakan Condor of PortAventura.

The God Hurakan has unleashed his anger and he demands the sacrifice of adventurers just like you to calm him. The only way to pay tribute to this attraction is to face the Hurakan Condor, the tallest attraction in PortAventura. Set in the mysterious Mexico. The tallest attraction of PortAventura consists of a tower surrounded by some spectacular ruins in the Mexican jungle to honor the God Hurakan. The whole atmosphere surrounding the Hurakan Condor ride represents the ruins of an ancient Aztec tower full of hieroglyphs and references to the God Hurakan. This attraction in Mexico, the Hurakan Condor, represents the sacrifice ritual to the Aztec god. While climbing up the tower you will be in awe of the stunning views of the whole theme park from the highest point. The attraction is invoking the God Hurakan so that the chosen ones will be thrown into the void with dramatic speed. Only in Mexico PortAventura, the Hurakan Condor is waiting for you to start your climb slowly upwards, and its only here, from the Hurakan Condor attraction where you will see the immensity of the park PortAventura, Tarragona's coast and the sea.

You finally reach the top of the tower and you will stop completely at 100 feet high and when you least expect it, you will be dropped. Feel the speed of the theme park’s only free fall, but don’t panic, the God Hurakan will stop you from hitting the ground.

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Ride Reviews

  • Did I tell you I was afraid of heights? No really I am, but did that stop me from riding Hurakan Condor? Sadly, no. I wish it did tho. I was scared sh*tless when the bench went up and when it reached the top, they thought it was funny to tilt that little thing somewhat. And after, I really don't know HOW long, but it looked like ages, they finally droppen you back down. I could feel the blood leaving my lower legs, and was extremely pumped with adrenaline when I got back on my own feet. Am I having regrets? No way! But really, I'm not doing that again... ever...

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