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  • Salou, Spain

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Maximum Height

55 Inches / 140 cm

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September 6, 2015


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In PortAventura Mexico the little ones are also the stars. One of the infant rides that the majority of children like most is Los Armadillos ride. On these fun Mexican animals, they can take a leisurely ride through parts of Mexico of PortAventura. Los Armadillos of PortAventura have put on their best clothes to make their ride all the more special. Children can be mounted on top of their shields, which serve as protection and allows them to roll up like a ball to protect themselves from the wild Mexican jungle. But Los Armadillos of PortAventura don’t need protection from the children who want to ride in them, they will be delighted for them get on one of the children's attractions of PortAventura theme park to give you a leisurely stroll through the vegetation of Mexico of PortAventura .

Younger children are assured a fun ride in one of the infant rides of PortAventura, Los Armadillos. These Armadillos are very curious animals, and can not stop spinning because all they want is for children to have fun and are the real stars of their very own adventures in this area of PortAventura theme park. The kids can choose their favorite Armadillo, and when they are seated ... they’d better hold on tight! Because the ride will start to take them round mounted on Los Armadillos of PortAventura.

It will be a nice walk on the backs of these curious animals originating from Central America, which will be circling around their friend and handler, who is in the middle of the circle formed by the Armadillos, dressed in typical Mexican dress.

You will see how the little ones of the family have a great time on this infant ride of PortAventura Mexico, designed for children who are the most adventurous of the colonial themed area of the PortAventura theme park.

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