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  • Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

Ride Status


Opening Date

July 1, 2015

Top Ride Speed

56 mph / 90 km/h

Length (Time)


Minimum Height

55 Inches / 140 cm

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Last Update

January 4, 2016

Baron 1898

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Do you dare to dive?

A free fall in a mineshaft at a speed of 90km/h. This is only the beginning of the new Efteling attraction: Baron 1898. This spectacular rollercoaster opens its doors on July 1st for the genuine daredevils amongst us. Live like a miner all the dangers of the gold rush in the the mine of Baron Gustave Hooghmoed. Would you dare to embark on this wild ride? Be warned: even the bravest will have their hair stand on end !

What can you expect?

The audacious "miners" will be seated on a train of 18 people. Then, the search for gold begins with a treacherous 37.5-metre free fall down into the mineshaft. Subsequently, visitors roar around a so-called Immelmann (a half loop with a half roll) at around 90 kilometres per hour, followed by a Zero-G roll (an inside out corkscrew during which visitors momentarily experience weightlessness) and a fast spiral. The entire ride lasts 130 seconds.

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Awesome Level: 99% - 5 votes
Unique Factor: 97.5% - 6 votes
Rider Comfort: 98% - 7 votes
Themed Queue: 90.43% - 7 votes
Theming & Story: 100% - 6 votes

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Ride Reviews

  • This ride is sick! The theming is amazing, the track short, the drop... chilling! The suspense of hanging 2 seconds right before the drop, nearly falling over, is great, but the actual near 90 degree drop is beyond what I've ever experienced in a rollercoaster. Loved it!

  • Love this ride. The theming is really beautiful and there are a lot of details. Best seat: first row, corner :) I think this dive coaster is better than Krake in Heide Park.

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