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Disneyland Paris

  • Paris, France

Ride Status


Opening Date

April 12, 1992

Length (Time)


Minimum Height

40 Inches / 102 cm

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Last Update

October 24, 2015

Star Tours

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Feel the full power of the FORCE in this spectacular Star Wars simulation.

Star Tours: The Ultimate Star Wars Adventure!

Thank you for booking with Star Tours Travel Agency to visit Endor.

Check in and make your way through the spaceship boarding terminal to your StarSpeeder 3000, where we'll show you a short video on the benefits of visiting Endor, plus a few adverts for trips to other intergalactic destinations.

At Disney Star Tours you'll be greeted by our staff, R2-D2 and C-3PO, and made to watch an on-board safety video starring our alien hosts and hostesses.

After a friendly welcome from the ship's captain, Rex, you'll blast off at lightspeed to your destination. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it's Rex's maiden flight and, without warning, calamity after calamity ensues as he fumbles his way through asteroid belts, space debris and spinning ice fragments.

You'll barely have time to catch your breath as you shoot past the moon of Endor and into the clutches of an Imperial Star Destroyer's tractor beam. With no way to escape, your StarSpeeder is drawn into an explosive battle between the Rebel Alliance and the evil Empire. Laser fire and the screeching sound of TIE Fighters cut through the atmosphere. Hold tight. And may the FORCE be with you.

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