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Aquatica San Antonio

  • San Antonio, Texas, USA

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June 28, 2017

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June 28, 2017

Roa's Aviary

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The newest attraction is a 13,500 square feet aviary containing over 100 birds representing approximately 40 species. Roa's Aviary is one of Aquatica's serene offerings, giving guests the chance to float, wade or walk among tropical birds. Some of the birds are considered threatened or endangered and our aviary will help in conservation efforts.

The attraction and new pools are located on the Roa's Beach area of Aquatica, creating a new “waterfront beach” for our guests to enjoy. Guests can access the aviary by floating along Loggerhead Lane river, walking through Roa's Beach or wading in a new pool with a grotto-style waterfall. Guests also have the opportunity to hand feed birds, and SeaWorld educators will be on hand to teach guests about these amazing animals.

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