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  • Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

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Opening Date

January 1, 1979

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No Minimum

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Last Update

March 29, 2016

Draak Lichtgeraakt

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In a faraway land there once lived a king who had a very special crown. So long as the king wore the crown, everything would be well throughout his kingdom.

One day something terrible happened. The crown had disappeared! “It was the witch,” said the guards. “She stole the crown and took it to the dragon’s cave.” The king slumped down on his throne despondently. The dragon’s cave? That was a disaster. How could they ever defeat the dragon? After a while, as things started to deteriorate throughout the kingdom, they decided it was worth a try. But no matter what they tried, no soldier was able to defeat the dragon.

A farmer’s son and daughter lived close to the dragon’s cave. The boy was clever and brave, while the girl could sing beautifully. When she sang, everyone was mesmerised and listened breathlessly. Could they perhaps save the kingdom?

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