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  • Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

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October 4, 2015

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October 4, 2015


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Cinderella lived in a big house with her father, her wicked stepmother and her two ugly stepsisters. Cinderella had to work for them from early morning until late at night, scrubbing and cooking, and she never had any time for herself.

One day an invitation arrived to a grand ball to be held at the palace. Cinderella wanted to go too but she wasn’t allowed. After the stepsisters had left, Cinderella suddenly saw a bright light, from which emerged her fairy godmother. The fairy godmother cast a spell and conjured a beautiful coach for Cinderella, with six white horses, a driver and six handsome footmen. Then she conjured a magnificent ball gown and glass slippers for Cinderella and sent her off to the ball. But she did have one word of warning, “Remember that the spell will be broken when the clock strikes midnight”.

When Cinderella arrived at the palace, everyone thought she was a princess. The prince danced with Cinderella all night but then the clock started to strike midnight and she had to hurry away. She ran down the palace stairs and lost one of her glass slippers on the way. Would the prince ever be able to find Cinderella again?

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Awesome Level: 87.33% - 3 votes
Unique Factor: 97% - 3 votes
Rider Comfort: 100% - 1 votes
Themed Queue: 93.33% - 3 votes
Theming & Story: 100% - 2 votes

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