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Disneyland Park

  • Anaheim, California, USA

Ride Status


Opening Date

March 4, 1995

Length (Time)


Minimum Height

46 Inches / 117 cm

Maximum Height

No Maximum

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Last Update

June 29, 2015

Indiana Jones Adventure

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You begin by walking through a theme queue of a forbiden temple. The queue is enertaining as you see instructional videos of the adventure you are about to take. You are asked to help Indiana Jones with his quest. You then get into your transportation vehicle able to fit up to 12 guests (3 rows with 4 guests per row). You will then Take a cliff-hanging journey through the chilling dangers of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. With Indy’s help, escape the supernatural pull of the Gates of Doom—beyond which lies eternal torment. Careen along precarious precipices that plummet into molten lava in the Cavern of Bubbling Death, avoid the screaming undead mummies of the temple’s past victims and swerve to avoid lava eruptions, swarms of insects and evil wraiths.

As you narrowly escape a collapsing bridge to find yourself face-to-fang with a giant venomous snake, you'll wish that you never dared to test the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Just when you think you’ve made it through safely, a massive boulder rolls straight in your direction and only one man is brave enough—or crazy enough—to save you... Indiana Jones!

Ride Rating


Awesome Level: 100% - 5 votes
Unique Factor: 99.2% - 5 votes
Rider Comfort: 70.83% - 6 votes
Themed Queue: 99.2% - 5 votes
Theming & Story: 97.6% - 5 votes

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Ride Reviews

  • This is my favorite ride in the Disneyland Park. I love the theme of the queue as you wait, there are skulls and artifacts and a video to watch as you wait! The ride itself is fast pace and is non stop fun!

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