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Cinecittà World

  • Castel Romano RM, Italy

Ride Status


Opening Date

July 24, 2014

Top Ride Speed

43 mph / 69 km/h

Length (Time)

~ 3:30

Minimum Height

49 Inches / 124 cm

Maximum Height

55 Inches / 140 cm

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Last Update

May 1, 2016

Darkmare - Till the Last Circle

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Darkmare is an indoor coaster that takes its riders through Dante’s hell. The ride was manufactured by Intermin and features a vertical drop section similar to that found on th13teen at Alton Towers. Around the ride there are large moving projected images of demons as well as stationary models.

Many years ago a set was destroyed by fire. The cause was never discovered, but the last cameraman out of the flames soon began talking of demons. In fact, the movie being shot in the theater was Dante’s “Inferno” and the cameraman claimed the set was invaded by demons, that he saw them with his own eyes... You know what happens next: no one wants to set foot in the theater again and everything remains exactly as it was. Want to find out if it’s true? Forget your fears and face the darkness, enter into Hell, go all the way down to the last level and...

The FAMILY DROP COASTER is a one-of-a-kind high-adrenaline attraction. An indoor roller coaster within a terrifying reconstruction of Dante’s Hell.

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