Dion Verhelst left a review for Dwervelwind 3 years ago

Wow, people told me that I SHOULD do this ride, and I did.. several times. The music gives me goosebumps, the ride is never the same, the theming is perfect. This definetly goes up into my top 5 favorite rollercoasters.

Dion Verhelst left a review for Oetang Orkest 3 years ago

This is a very silly show. The animatronics are pretty.. old fashioned and move like your grandma, that just had a hip surgery. But that song... it's.. quite mesmerizing. You first stand there, waiting for your child to be ready to move on, but befor

I really, really, really hate cheese. My biggest fear, heights. But cheese, oh man... That's way above that.

Dion Verhelst left a review for Carnaval Festival 3 years ago

I never missed this ride when I was a kid. Now I have to ride it all over with my own little kid. Some say it's an obvious rip-off from It's a Small World, and it quite is. Repetitive song that's hard to get out of your head, bright colors, visiting

I really love Christmas, because it brings families together. Warmth, joy, gifts and FOOD! Loads of food. Which is, besides breathing, the BEST thing in the world.

Dion Verhelst left a review for Python 3 years ago

Not my first, but the one I rode the most. This coaster has a special place in my heart. It's by far my favourite, not because it's long, not because it's that impressive. No.. it just has a high nostalgia factor. Two loopings, two corkscrews, a gent

Dion Verhelst left a review for Baron 1898 3 years ago

This ride is sick! The theming is amazing, the track short, the drop... chilling! The suspense of hanging 2 seconds right before the drop, nearly falling over, is great, but the actual near 90 degree drop is beyond what I've ever experienced in a rol

Dion Verhelst left a review for Hurakan Condor 3 years ago

Did I tell you I was afraid of heights? No really I am, but did that stop me from riding Hurakan Condor? Sadly, no. I wish it did tho. I was scared sh*tless when the bench went up and when it reached the top, they thought it was funny to tilt that li

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Dion Verhelst left a review for Droomvlucht 3 years ago

Living a true fairytale, flying through floating castles and meeting fairies, gnomes and trolls. This ride has it all! Ever since I was a young teenager I enjoyed going in this ride and now I make sure to ride it each time with my little daughter whe

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