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Posted in Blog, Thrillz on Monday, May 18, 2015
Author: Josh Gilson

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Whether you found this site by accident, saw a friend post a link, had someone tell you about it or follow our social media pages, welcome. Welcome to Thrillz.

Our hope is that you've found a great community of people that love theme parks as much as you! I created this website to fill a void. I couldn't find a decent website on the web that cataloged ALL theme park, rides, shows and dining areas around the whole world. I also wanted to create a fun, excited way to view, rate and review those items. 

Thrillz is mobile-friendly, community-driven and always changing by people like you. I wanted to create a free site that is built by people like you and me for people like you and me. Join the Thrillz Community today for FREE. Thrillz is free and always will be free. You can even create a custom profile and cover photo. 

On Thrillz you can create, add, edit, rate, review and view Theme Parks, Rides, Shows and Dining Areas! As this is the first blog, you can be sure there will be many to follow. The difference between the Thrillz blog and other theme park review sites are the following:

  • No Rumors, Off-Topic Blogs or Long detailed park updates like: "They changed the paint color on the bathroom stall doors." There's plenty of other great sites out there for that type of info.
  • No Negativity! If you really want to know about theme parks deaths, why this park is better than that park, or other unhappy park info, visit the online news media sites. They prefer to report negative theme park news over happy news anyway.
  • Guest Bloggers and Partners. Along with our team, Thrillz is partnering with other Theme Park Bloggers from around the world to have a variety of points-of-views, coverage and worldwide interest. If you're interested in partnering with this, contact us.
  • Relevant. If you're reading a Thrillz blog, you can bet that it's going to include a link to the ride, show, dining area and/or theme park you can immediately rate or review. 
  • Conversations. Let your voice be heard. In addition of the review areas on every Thrillz item, the blogs will be a great way to interact with other community members.

We hope all of this excites you as much as we are. We have been working our tails off to try and make this the best resource for theme parks on the web. If you have questions, ideas or want to give us an internet high-five, feel free to leave a comment below.

Oh, finally, I wanted to show off how easy it is to add a ride to the site. Watch The Video and then go add your favorite ride to the site!

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Josh Gilson

Josh Gilson

Josh is a designer and got an idea one day in May 2015 and locked himself in a room for a month and created Thrillz! A website where users can view, edit, create, review, rate and read about their favorite theme parks, rides, shows and more from all around the world.

As the creator of the Thrillz website, Josh not only loves theme park, he even worked at one, owned by a mouse, in California. He also is a foodie that enjoys popcorn & churros, but is still looking for that perfect theme park burger! Josh currently lives in Austin, Texas, USA. 

Josh's Favorite Ride(s):

Josh's Thrillz Profile

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Dion Verhelst

Dion Verhelst

Guitarist, Pixel Artist, Web Designer/Front-Ender and on top of all that, family man. Dion loves entertainment, and what better entertainment than theme parks? For Thrillz he writes blogs and reviews about themeparks and themepark related products, and creates content for the social media platforms.

Dion's Favorite Ride(s):

Dion's Thrillz Profile

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Ryan L. Terry

Ryan L. Terry

Ryan (right) is a theme park enthusiast living in Central Florida, and loves going to the parks as often as possible! He's an annual passholder to Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens, and SeaWorld. In the Fall of 2017, his Thrillz article on Turn it Up: the Hottest Show on Ice at Busch Gardens was cited in a massive ad campaign. He also loves horror films and just movies in general! If you see him out and about in the Florida parks, stop him to say hi! 

Ryan holds a Master of Arts degree in Media Studies (with a concentration in cinema and themed entertainment) from the University of South Florida. His research area is on the convergence of cinema and theme parks. He explores ideas such as narrative, spectacle, setting, and setting in terms of movies and themed entertainment. Learning how to successfully translate an idea of intellectual property from one medium into another is the primary goal of his predictable model for creative design that affects both theme parks and the cinema.

Although he loves to write for Thrillz, his "day jobs" are working as a video editor for Disney on Ice and teaches screenwriting at the University of Tampa.

He is also a figure skater.

Ryan's Favorite Ride(s):

Ryan's Thrillz Profile

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Sarah Gilson

Sarah Gilson

Sarah is a Fantasy author and gets some of her inspiration from the magic of theme parks. Sarah has spent most of her free time at theme parks in Southern California and across the United States enjoying the magic that is contained within the rides, shows and entertainment at theme parks.

She also enjoys going on rides with really good theming and of course with a good churro. Sarah currently lives in Austin, Texas, USA. 

Sarah's Favorite Ride(s):

Sarah's Thrillz Profile

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Sabine Graat-van Gorp

Sabine Graat-van Gorp

Loves music, dancing, walking, traveling, fun fairs and theme parks. Enjoys making short movies, writing stories and playing with Photoshop.

For Thrillz she reviews theme parks and their rides.

Favorite rides:
- Black Mamba
- Tatsu
- Joris en de Draak
- Baron 1898
- Taron

- Winja's Fear & Force
- Fata Morgana
- Jurassic Park (Universal Studios Hollywood)

Sabine's Thrillz Profile

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