Warm, wintery magic in Attractiepark Toverland

Posted in Toverland on Monday, December 12, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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Experience the warm, wintery magic in Attractiepark Toverland. During the Magical Winterweeks in the Christmas Holiday season, the athmosphere in the park will be one of Christmas magic. Come and experience the most magical time of the year together with magical entertainment, shows, wonderful attractions and guaranteed snow.

A White Christmas, guaranteed...

Right at the entrance the Frostlord, his lady and their little elves welcome the visitors in a royal matter. Their job is to make sure that there is enough snow and ice in Toverland. And they take that job very seriously. With a little burst of their icy magic, the park will be covered in a blanket of white snow. Even inside, in the Land of Toos and the Magic Forest, a temporary little snowstorm will appear.

The shiny lit Christmastrees show you the way to the wintery Troy area. You can roast marshmallows around the campfire, while you can hear the raging Troy pass behind you. Do you want to take a break of all the cold adventures? That's possible in the warmth and hospitality of Toverlands own Biergarten. Grab a Glühwein, and a fresh Stroopwafel, and let yourself be entertained by the amazing arts of the table magician.

Winter Wonderland Show

More than 80 shiny Christmastrees will enlighten the park, but only one, the biggest of them all, will remain dark. You can help, during the musical Winter Wonderland Show, to get the real Christmas feeling back to Toverland, and make the big tree shine bright in all of her beauty. Don't forget to place your wish in the special Wishingtree. They say that this tree can make wishes come true. Who knows, yours might become reality.

The Winter Wonderland Show can be seen 3 times each day at 1:00pm, 2:30pm and 4:30pm from saturday the 24th of december 2016 until sunday the 8th of januari 2016. On the 31th of december 2016 and the 1st of january 2017, the show can't be seen.

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