#VowToVanish | Full Review of Vanish Point at Adventure Island

Posted in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay on Thursday, March 8, 2018
Author: Ryan L. Terry

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#VowToVanish at Adventure Island's newest thrill ride Vanish Point! Opening tomorrow, this is an incredibly exhilarating waterpark attraction that is guaranteed to reach epic levels of suspense as you anticipate the moment the trap door flies open and you plummet to the watery depths of sheer adventure!

Along with many other bloggers and legacy media professionals covering the themed entertainment industry, I was invited to be among the first to experience Vanish Point. Towering more than 70ft in the air, Vanish Point is part of a unique breed of water coasters that combines the concept of a freefall with a traditional tube style slide. My guide Michelle was exceptional! A real testament to the quality of hospitality Adventure Islands extends to their media guests. She made my afternoon incredibly pleasant and was always attentive to my needs as I was there solo. 

Even before I began the climb to the top of the tower, I passed a screen on the ride sign that shows footage from inside the launch capsule. While many in the media community seemed to simply pass it by, that element of the queue design caught my attention. It's no secret that we are a highly mediated society (meaning interacting with and passively watching some form of media), so this was a brilliant way to integrate social media into the attraction. Whereas this feature may not be traditional social media, it embodies the idea of the vicarious experience that inspires or dares you to also take part in the thrill of Vanish Point in order to socialize with fellow enthusiasts or guests such as yourself. The idea of bonding through a screen works fabulously with this attraction. And for those who are traveling with someone who is unable to experience the attraction, your friend or family member can watch your face as you prepare for the drop! 

Once you've climbed to the top of the tower, you are ushered over to one of two capsules. The ride attendant places you inside the tube and closes the door. To quote a favorite attraction of mine "there's no turning back now." Though it's only a few seconds, time seems to stand still as you await the inevitable drop. I'm reminded of that great scene from Emperor's New Groove in which Yzma commands Kronk to "pull the lever, Kronk..." then the trap door opens and Yzma plummets to the river below whilst exclaiming "...wrong lever!" Just before the trap door opens, there is a countdown 3...2...1...but there is a moment between the one and when it opens. It was probably less than a second but felt so much longer. Then WOOSH! You race down the water slide, turning, twisting, falling until you finally hit the bottom of the slide. What an adrenaline rush! I've never experienced a water a water attraction quite like this one. It was immensely exciting, and I know you will enjoy it WHEN you visit Adventure Island beginning tomorrow, March 9th.

After the experience on Vanish Point, I was walked around the park by my wonderful guide, and given a brief tour of the parks various offerings. I also found out that the food and beverage menu is supposedly changing to include some exclusive treats to Adventure Island. No information on WHAT to expect, but the idea is tasty enough! Looking forward to what Adventure Islands includes in their seasonal food. There is truly something for everyone at Adventure Islands. Whether you prefer it mild or wild, you are sure to find adventure waiting for you in the island oasis. 

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Ryan L. Terry

Ryan L. Terry

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