Travel Around The World at SeaWorld San Antonio During Their Food & Wine Festival

Posted in SeaWorld San Antonio on Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Author: Josh Gilson

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I love Theme Parks! I love rides! But, you know what!? I LOVE FOOD! Every year SeaWorld throws their annual Seven Seas Food and Wine Festival. From coast to coast and in-between we had the privilege of attending SeaWorld San Antonio's festival and well, I need bigger pants now!

SeaWorld does a great job of taking a food and wine festival one step above the rest. With a little and drink from every corner of the globe and even some music or performance pieces at each location to compliment the theme. 

SeaWorld San Diego, SeaWorld Orlando & SeaWorld San Antonio all have their own dates and times for their Seven Seas Food & Wine Festivals. So for more info visit: for specific dates, times 7 prices to plan your trip!

SeaWorld gives a few options to try the amazing food and beverages at each of their international cuisine locations. You can purchase each item individually or buy a sampler passport with different quantities of items you can try. 

SeaWorld San Antonio has several areas to try unique samples of different food, wine, beers, desserts and shows:

MEDITERRANEAN: Sample unique Spanish, Italian and Greek tastings.

NORTH ATLANTIC: Savor the rich flavors of Old World Europe with traditional French favorites.

GULF OF MEXICO: Experience the bold seasonings and sensations of Mexican and Cuban cuisine.

CARIBBEAN: Get in the island groove with lively and fresh culinary creations from Jamaica.

PACIFIC OCEAN: Explore the far reaches of Pacific cuisines with the exotic flavors of Japan and Korea.

SOUTH ATLANTIC: Enjoy the truly unique flavors of Argentina and Brazil to complete your taste adventure.

BEER GARDEN: The Beer Garden features over 14 Texas beer & wine from around the Lone Star State. Sit back & enjoy live music daily from local artist.

WINE, BEER & LIQUOR FLIGHTS: Over 20 wine, beer, sake, liquor and craft cocktails at multiple locations around the park.

SeaWorld gives each guest a Seven Seas Food & Wine Festival Passport to show the map location of each event booth and other points of interest as well as what food and drinks are served at each location. Each time a purchase is made a stamp is given in your passport. Once all stamps are received a free dessert is earned at any location, if you're even still hungry to try any of the delicate cultural delights. (I was).

Everything I tried was above and beyond my expectations for "Theme Park Food" or even a food and wine festival in general. The music was great, the shows were fun to watch, the carnival-style games were fun to play and there's always room for a rollercoaster or 3 to ride while digesting all the great new food.

Do yourself a favor, whichever SeaWorld is closest to you, GO! You will not be disappointed in your experience, but plan on hitting the gym the next day!

Reference Link(s): SeaWorld San Antonio Seven Seas Food & Wine Festival

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