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Posted in Toverland on Friday, June 10, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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Last week I was invited by Toverland to come and visit their park. They would celebrate their 15th anniversary and because of that they had 13 people challenging the biggest, steepest and fastest wooden rollercoaster of the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) for 24 hours, Troy. I've never been to Toverland myself, and to see this challenge being completed was a perfect opportuniy to go and see what the huss is all about.

My power packs and telephone were all charged, my action cam and it's accessories packed, so I was ready to go. Toverland is about an 2 hours drive from my home, so I got in the car around 8AM and arrived close before 10AM. From the parking area you can clearly see Troy, a huge behemoth of a wooden coaster, and since the challenge continued through the night the carts were still running, round after round.

Toverland consists of 2 inner areas and 2 outer areas, the inner areas began as indoor children's playgrounds and you can still see that. They quickly added bigger rides when popularity started to rise, and continued building big stuff outside. The atmosphere of magic, that they're trying to accomplish works from the moment you step inside. Little to nothing remains unthemed, and they certainly have eye for detail. What they've certainly understood, is the exact thing that most themeparks seem to miss, every nook and cranny has been themed with the environment. Plants, rocks, even bridges are absolutely themed to the area that they're in.

A smile appeared on my face, I could really enjoy this park, I SHOULD really enjoy this park. I took a couple of minutes to see where everything was located, the map that I got at the entrance helped. Since Troy was still occupied until 12.45PM, I had to go somewhere else first, and since Backstroke begins in one of the inner buildings that was my first choice (luckily because it broke down later on the day). After getting reasonably wet it was time for that other bigger ride that begins inside, Maximus' Blitz Bahn, a powered bobsled ride that was pretty feisty. From there I went outside and towards the rollercoasters.

The Magic Valley

The first one I saw was Boosterbike, a Vekoma launched rollercoaster on which you sit on a bike. No inversions, but some fine bumps that give you enough airtime to enjoy the semi-short ride. The next on my list was Dwervelwind, a spinning coaster that has it's own music during the ride. So I walked underneath a stone arch and when I walked out my jaw dropped open. In front of me, a large rocky formation with waterfalls on each side. I looked to the left, more rocky areas, plants, waterfalls. A little guy popping up in a gap. I looked to the right, bridges, more of those little guys. Music surrounded me, a very soft, magical theme. Little did I know, but I stepped into the Magic Valley, and indeed.. that valley was magical. I fell in love instantly.

The Magic Valley was the home of Dwervelwind, but also of Djengu River - a rapid river, Tolly Molly, Coco Bolo and others. I was on my way to a coaster, but instead I entered a rapid river. I forgot to mention that the weather was amazing that day and it was becoming very hot already, so I could use a bit of refreshment, and decided that I should go to Dwervelwind after that.

The music and theming of the Magic Valley is truly enchanting, but when I got closer to Dwervelwind things got more intense. It seemed like that coaster had it's own piece of themed area. Plants were fully grown and green, ponds where filled with water and you could hear the frogs croak that lived in them. Soft music again filled the air. This was by far my favorite ride of the day.


After that it was time to go and see how the challengers were keeping up. It so happened that I arrived at the exact right time since they were just finishing up. I met a couple of other bloggers that I've met before and waited for the last 10 heroes to arrive (3 had to give up due to medical reasons), and they arrived. Epic music shouted from the speakers as they stepped up on the stage. They were congratulated, got gifts and eternal fame. After 24 hours of riding Troy, they finally made it. But now, it was my turn. I've done a couple of wooden coasters, so I know how airtime, tight corners and fast speed works, but Troy caught me by surprise. The first drop is so steep, you can't clearly see where you're heading to since you fall into a turn straight away. The rest of the track was bumpy, but fast, and tight. I still can't believe that people want to ride that giant for 24 hours straight.

The rest of the day I wandered a bit around, tried to see and do as much as possible and after a day filled with pleasure and fun I had to do one more thing: Go to the shop and buy that CD that contains the enchanting melodies of the Magic Valley.

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