The Season To Be Jolly: Wintertraum Phantasialand

Posted in Phantasialand on Monday, December 25, 2017
Author: Sabine

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Phantasialand Wintertraum blew us away last year, so when we saw some cheap early bird tickets on the Phantasialand website there wasn’t any doubt where we were going this year: Brühl, Germany!

At exactly 11AM we (my sister, her boyfriend, my husband and me) arrived at the parking and we immediately noticed it was a quiet Wednesday, just what we had hoped for.

While everybody was moving towards Klugheim, we decided to head for Black Mamba first. My sister and her boyfriend had never visited this park before, so we were curious about their first (front-seat) encounter with this B&M beast. Needless to say it left them speechless.

After surprising them with the Winja’s Fear and Force rollercoaster (the first action photo was hilarious), we took a better look at the beautiful theming Phantasialand did: there were Christmas baubles everywhere and each one had a dragon in it. And of course there were the usual ribbons, Christmas trees, Santas, snowmen and fires. And on the main square there even was a small Christmas market with some good food and nice hot drinks.

We wanted to go for some “calmer” rides and ended up at Luna park Hotel Tartüff and the shooter Mause au Chocolat. Unfortunately, this only increased our hyper mode. Completely fired up we went to Klugheim for some flammkuchen, crêpes and of course for Taron. I warned the newbies the ride was a bit intense, but this couldn’t stop them from entering the train. And they loved it! In fact, they loved it so much they wanted to join me again in the dark. To their surprise, Taron was even wilder and faster when the sun was gone (I’d always thought it was my imagination, but they confirmed it was a lot scarier at the end of the day).

Because of the lack of waiting lines, we could do a lot of rides in a very short time. Therefore, we tried Tikal for the first time. I’d always thought this was a drop tower for small kids, but it appeared to be a very funny, amusing ride with even some airtime. And after Tikal my sister and I wanted to go on flume Chiapas. Cold or not, for us this was a must-do. It also caused an awkward moment when the boats went backwards in the disco cave with a really catchy song. While we were going backwards in our boat, we did a bit of a stupid dance when the boat suddenly stopped. We looked back and saw a whole line of boats, filled with people staring at us… (kudos for the woman who also started dancing when she saw us). Apparently where was a minor error, because after a couple of minutes all the boats started moving again.

After our weird moment at Chiapas, we decided to disappear in the audience of the ice skating show. This show was fun to watch: a bit cheesy, but with a lot of humor and some nice moves.

While we were sitting in a restaurant at the main street it was getting dark and suddenly all the lights went on. People were actually applauding because it was such a pretty sight. We immediately went outside and joined the crowd in gazing at the decoration. And then of course, it was time to pay a visit to the carrousel and the wellenflug, both covered in beautiful lights. Because it was a pretty cold day, we warmed up by the fire with some hot chocolate and some gluhwein, heisser Hugo and heisser Aperol. Although I really wanted to do Talocan for the first time (it looks amazing in the dark), the amount of food and the alcohol made me decide it was probably wise not to try it this time.

For the second year in a row, we had a wonderful day at Phantasialand Wintertraum. Because we took a day off and went on a regular Wednesday, there weren’t any lines. Even when the queue sign said we had to wait for ten minutes, we could immediately board the ride. And even though this was the winter opening, almost every ride was open (only River Quest and two small rides were closed). Add the hospitality, the ambience and the decoration and I can only say that I think Phantasialand Wintertraum has become an annual tradition for us.

Reference Link(s): Website Phantasialand

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