Spending Valentine's Day at a Theme Park

Posted in Thrillz, Disneyland Park on Sunday, February 14, 2016
Author: Sarah Gilson

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How do you spend your Valentine's Day? Most people like to do the traditional dinner and a movie. How about skipping the movie and spending the day with your significant other at a Theme Park. As a woman that loves to spend the day at one, I want to give you some tips on the perfect date. For this topic I picked Disneyland and California Adventure as the date destination.

The best way to start your day is to arrive at the park before it opens. This way you can be there for the exciting rope drop and to get the best parking without being led to a faraway spot and having to take a bus to the park. Early is key to having a good time, so get out of bed.

Depending on the park we start at, I enjoy having breakfast once the park opens. We like to start at Disneyland and go to Carnation Cafe. It is a small cafe on the west-side of Main Street and as always, Disney food never disappoints. You get a delicious breakfast for a good price.

After a delicious breakfast it’s time for some Rides. It is important, when trying to have a perfect date, to agree on the rides you want to go on. Forcing someone on a ride that they don’t feel comfortable with, can ruin the others day. There are plenty of rides in the park that a couple can agree on. My favorite ride at the Disneyland Resort is the Indiana Jones Adventure. This thrill ride may not be for everyone, for which I would suggest going on The Jungle Cruise because you can snuggle with your loved one while on this river adventure.

The Haunted Mansion is also a great date ride, not to mention you get to sit close in a doom buggy too, all the while enjoying the spooking sites. Fantasyland rides are fun and classic, but they are also very short. If you want to sit close on a longer ride I might also suggest The Pirates of the Caribbean or It’s A Small World.

Eating lunch at a Disney park isn’t always needed if you want to save room for dinner. I would suggest snacks that can be found at nearly every corner. Popcorn and Churros are a must for me. To keep the romance alive at the park, there are several restaurants to chose from for dinner. My favorite for a date is Carthay Circle Restaurant. This restaurant is a bit high-priced, but it is worth every penny. Everything I have ever tried is amazing, not to mention the amazing service and presentation of the food. Also if you get to the restaurant at the right time and request the far room by the balcony you can watch the Pixar Play Parade from the best view in the park. We always bring a change of clothes and keep it in a locker so we can dress nice for this four star restaurant, Personally I give it five stars.

The three things I love most at Disneyland parks in ending the night is watching the Paint the Night Parade, the amazing Disneyland Forever Fireworks for the 60th going on right now, and jamming out at the Mad T Party. Sometimes you have to not do one to enjoy the others. If you are kid-less for the date, then spending more time at the Mad T Party is worth it. The drinks, alcoholic mixed drinks are served, and food are so neat, as well as the music and costumes the band wears, are truly out of Wonderland.

Before you leave the park for the night, make sure you browse some of the shops on main street. If you are looking for something truly beautiful and unique, check out Crystal Arts. They have the most beautiful trinkets, jewelry, and crystal figurines. If you are looking for a more classic gift for your Valentine, then I would suggest going to Downtown Disney and check out World of Disney; the biggest Disney Store in the West Coast.

If you follow these recommendations, you are sure to have the perfect Disney date and more to come. But don’t just take my word for it, go and try it for yourself. Did I miss any other attractions or ideas for couples? What about your neck-of-the-woods? What couple ideas work for theme parks where you live or visit often? Comment below.

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Sarah Gilson

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