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Posted in Typhoon Texas Houston on Friday, August 18, 2017
Author: Josh Gilson

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Typhoon Texas (Katy) is just outside Houston, Texas. Noted as "Houston's Newest Water Park," Typhoon Texas has a wide variety of experiences. From large raft rides, pools and wave simulators, family and kid areas, great food and fresh BBQ, live entertainment and so much more, this is a great hangout spot all season long.

I was amazed by the staff on how welcoming and clean they keep the water park. Similar to Typhoon Texas (Austin) the park has misters to keep the ground cool when walking around, great overall layout of attractions and restaurants, as well as the staff are easy to identify and recognize. The staff have also been trained to focus on efficiency and speed which shows. Wait times are very low for a water park this size.

The attention to detail is noticed throughout the park as well. Well placed signage, the Texas-themed decor, great music playing throughout the whole park, known as Typhoon Tunes and I cannot forget the great Texas-sized food. The Texas Nachos, BBQ Platter and Funnel cake are all great examples of large and delicious eats that Typhoon Texas has to offer. 

The first attraction in the front of the park is Tidal Wave Bay, with over a 375,000-gallon pool that generates waves up to three feet tall. Relax in the shallow area or grab a tube and hit the deeper end to ride the tides every 10 minutes. Most of the day a live DJ spun some high energy tunes with a chance for kids to dance to and even some of the park staff broke out into a dance party. There was also a trivia game, and night a movie played for everyone to watch while some of the slides stayed open in the dark for a new fun experience that isn't normally seen at water parks. 

The center of Typhoon Texas is The Gully Washer, which has 7 water slides, an 800-gallon bucket that dumps about every 2 minutes and hundreds of water elements to play with, all in a pool of water. This is a great family area. For the younger kids and babies, Buckaroo Bayou has mini slides and splash pads that are perfect for the tiniest of Typhooners on a large Texas-themed splash pad.

Ready, wet, go! Lone Star Racers is a way for you and seven of your closest friends to race headfirst through a winding loop before flying to the finish line in one of eight different colored, very tall and fast mat waterslide rides. I'd like to say I won, but my mat got stuck and I got a late start, but at least I didn't forget my mat! (The person next to me did that, it was pretty funny to see.)

The Typhoon (Texas Flag Slide) holds six-people in a large raft and starts down a serpentine, splash-filled adventure before it picks up speed sending your friends/family vertical up a Texas-sized boomerang wall. This was a fast, very intense water ride that was like nothing I've ever experienced before. As you can see in the video, this is a large, fast raft ride that defies gravity and ends in a pool that seems to skip you across at high speeds. I really enjoyed this Texas Typhoon staple matched with Texas pride just as large.

In the area known as Monster Storms sits The Twister. This thrilling family raft ride combines the best of a winding waterslide with the thrill of whitewater rafting! It’s the first of its kind ever built. The first time I experienced this attraction my camera cut out and I didn't realize it until later on in the day. When I went to go re-ride it, they just turned off the slide as it was closing time. Fortunately the team running The Twister let me grab the last ride of the day with them and get some awesome POV video for you to see! Thanks to the crew that accommodated me, they were a hoot.

Whether you're visiting with a small family or a group, a cabana is a great way to experience a good time at Typhoon Texas. A private place to lounge, a safe place to keep everyone's belongings, your own personal server, great views around the area, shade to cool down, and your own table to enjoy all the food this prideful Texas themed water park is known for. Plan ahead and treat yourself to a canaba, we know you won't regret it.

Thanks for reading the our Sliding Into Summer Fun blog series. Next time you're visiting Texas, don't forget to plan on either experiencing Typhoon Texas (Austin Area) or Typhoon Texas (Houston Area)! Let us if you went or are planning to go. We had a great time and we know you will too.

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