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Posted in Typhoon Texas Austin on Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Author: Josh Gilson

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Typhoon Texas (Pflugerville) is just on the edge of Austin, Texas. While this water park has everything you'd ask for in a local recreational water play park including water slides, body and tube type slides, drop slides, a wave pool, multiple splash pads and zones, interactive areas, kids areas with various slides, bucket drops, a lazy river and more; Typhoon Texas is a hidden gem just waiting to be found.

This amazing water park is not only extremely clean, it has a great open layout and a lot of fun, but the staff are all amazing too. I experienced nothing but happy, friendly water park staff all day. The general enthusiasm of the staff plays a huge role in how guests remember their day and it left a smile on my face. The attentiveness of the staff members put into this newly renovated water park is extreme. I even found the staff hosting an arts and crafts table for kids taking a break from the water.

Back to the attention to detail, which is a big deal for me, Typhoon Texas in Pflugerville also knows how important it is. From water misters on the sidewalks and bridges to keep your feet cool, signage well placed, shade in every area of the park, well label staff uniforms and super clean water, is proof Typhoon Texas cares about the overall guest experience.

The theming is a splash of Texas pride meets vintage small town relics, such as old metal cartwheels, gas station pumps, street signs, and even a couple  vintage classic vehicles. This contrasts well with the new shiny attractions, landscape and overlay the rest of the park presents to its guests. The atmosphere is completed with Typhoon Tunes playing music throughout the whole water park. I loved it.

I'm not even to the rides yet, but I have to talk about the food. I'm a foodie, it's true, but theme parks are so hit or miss with me. But not Typhoon Texas. Everything I tried, and I tried a lot, was excellent. The fresh, never frozen, food available is endless and joins my previous statement of a great staff who love what they do by making sure the guest experience doesn't stop at the food they serve everyday. By the way, someone once told me "There are no calories when you're at a theme park" so indulge and get that Texas-sized funnel cake with all the toppings. I won't tell.

Okay! The water rides. I was able to ride almost everything, but I kept finding myself playing on the kids interactive attraction called The Gully Washer, which has 7 water slides, an 800-gallon bucket that dumps about every 2 minutes and hundreds of water elements to play with, all in a pool of water. 

The Dueling Daltons features 5 unique water slides. The first is 2 drop slides (The Gunslinger & The Shootout) where the clear floor drops you down about 7-stories faster than you can chicken out. A fully enclosed tube slide that fits one or two people, called The Mutton Buster, twists through a series of turns and lands into a cool pool of water. The blue tube slide, The Bronc Buster is also a single or double tube water slide, but this water ride is half enclosed and the last half is open and glides into the same pool. The final and fastest tube slide, out of the three slide, is The Boar Buster, this purple single or dual tube slide has a super fast ending that skips you across the pool like a rock across a lake. This was the most exhilarating tube slide and by far my favorite.

In addition to the pools, tons of other water slides and play areas, the wave pool, known as Tidal Wave Bay is a great hangout spot for whole family. Pull up a lounger at this zero-entry pool and enjoy the waves. The bar is steps away and on certain days you can find live DJ's, bands and even a feature films playing in Tidal Wave Bay. I love how deep this wave pool is at almost 6' deep. Choose a tube or swim in the waves while listening to tunes.

After a long day of eating, swimming, walking and playing, my favorite part is always the lazy river, Lazy-T River is no exception. With almost half a million gallons of water, this wider than normal lazy river has no gimmicks or waterfalls, just great views, cool water and with or without a tube, you can relax in this summer's hottest spot for fun!

Thanks for reading the latest installment of our Sliding Into Summer Fun blog series. What's your favorite type of water slide or water attraction? Typhoon Texas has them all! Let us know in the comments below.

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