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Posted in Schlitterbahn South Padre Island on Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Author: Josh Gilson

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On the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas is a little slice of paradise known as South Padre Island. The island is about 2 miles long and is a great resort town filled with attractions, tons of restaurants, gift shops on every corner, but the main attraction is a water park like you've never experienced. Schlitterbahn in South Padre Island is a perfect family resort destination for you to lounge, relax and have a lot of fun.

What make this water park stand around above the rest? Well if you've read any of our other Slide Into Summer Fun blog posts, you'll know my favorite type of water attraction is a lazy river. However, Schlitterbahn South Padre Island doesn't have your typical lazy river. The Rio Aventura is a Transportainment system that connects more than 10 water attractions without ever having to leave your single or double tube!

Transportainment combines Transportation-Sports-Entertainment into one word. And really, it is the best way to describe the interconnected river system featured at Schlitterbahn on South Padre Island. The hard part for our team is figuring out how to take a picture of “a mile-long interconnected river system that can be enjoyed by the whole family which seamlessly takes you from ride to ride while lounging in your tube so you never actually have to get out of the water to ride 85% of the rides in the park.”

The best way, in our opinion, to experience this amazing water park, with a tropical vibe and beach front view, is with a cabana. The Schlitterbahn cabanas are conveniently placed near the center of the park and have quick access in and out of the Rio Aventura (mile-long lazy river from heaven). This means you can jump in your tube, float around and get some Thrillz on a few water coasters or tube chutes and get off right where your personal canaba is without having to get lost, walk on hot sidewalks or fight for a spot for your stuff. Seriously, live it up and whenever you visit a waterpark, a cabana is a smart move every time.

So another great benefit of the Transportainment system is that when you've waiting in a queue for a water coaster or tube chute attraction, you still stay in the water. Usually in a shaded area with a shallow canal to sit or stand in, it's a great way to stay cool and you forget that you've waiting in-line for a ride, because you're still in one!

One of these water coaster accessible from the Rio Aventura is Gale Force. A short conveyor lifts riders up a hill right onto the slide. The water blasters of the Gale Force take over and power your tube up and down the slide around the park until you exit right back into the lazy river for your next adventure. All of that happens without ever getting out of your tube or waiting up stairs, standing or in direct sunlight. 

Experiencing Schlitterbahn South Padre Island makes me question why more water parks aren't looking at this one-of-a-kind idea. It's a great invention and makes me want to make the trip every year. Make sure you watch our video to see just how cool it is through our view.

While there's a few different and great water coasters, there's also a few tube chutes. One of my favorite hilly, whitewater style rides was Pirate's Plunge. This pirate-themed, twisting, turning channel that goes from the upper part of Rio Aventura to the lower channel is a Schlitterbahn staple. Similar to their first water park in New Braunfels, Pirate's Plunge and the other tube chutes at Schlitterbahn South Padre Island, have a unique waterfall drop and twist to a tube ride that make them stand out as a water park king.

Centered in the middle of the Rio Aventura lazy river is the "Castle" of this themed-water park. No really, it is a castle, a Sand Castle. Sand Castle Cove is an enormous, interactive, five-story-tall interactive water playground for the whole family.

Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark's signature landmark is the giant Sand Castle located in the middle of a large family water playground. The Sand Castle towers five-stories above the park and is really a water funhouse filled with hundreds of hands-on water play elements, giant dumping sand pails, and slippery slides. Dozens of artisans and craftsmen worked many months building this fun and fanciful work of art. The signature photo spot of the park with its giant tipping bucket!

Next to the giant sand castle is a mock sand pail with a sand shovel sticking out the top. This is home to three fast moving body slides and one of the few places in the whole water park that you aren't sitting in a tube and it's a nice break while playing in Sand Castle Cove.

While the outdoor attractions are only open during the summer season, Schlitterbahn South Padre Island has an indoor area with a wave pool, small lazy river, tube slides, and a few other attractions that are opened all year long and is accessible via an underground tunnel from the main park. Schlitterbahn South Padre Island also has it's own beach entry on both sides of the park.

This was a great way to experience the Gulf Coast. We played in the sand and sea a little before diving back into everything Schlitterbahn South Padre Island has to offer to beat the heat and relax. This truly was a memorable visit and we know you'll feel the same way when you visit. 

This blog post is dedicated to Bob and Billye Henry, the founders of Schlitterbahn. Thank you for the memories.

Thanks for reading our Slide Into Summer Fun blog about Schlitterbahn South Padre Island. This vacation hotspot on the southern tip of Texas is great place to visit, not just during the summer, but year-round. What waterparks did you visit this past summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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