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Posted in Rock'N River Water Park on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Author: Josh Gilson

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Forty-five minutes from downtown Austin, Texas is Rock'N River Water Park in Round Rock. This parks and recreation department ran water park is great for the whole family all summer long. 

Entry is very affordable, includes free parking, and picnic-style food and beverages are allowed into Rock'N River Water Park. They also have food trucks, snack areas, one of which is accessible in a pool, called the Watering Hole, and lots of shaded areas to sit or lay in around the water park.

One of Rock'N River's unique attractions is called The Quarry. This 12' 6" deep pool is experienced through a short slide with a long drop, a rock climbing wall up the cliffside, or for the thrill seeker, a 12 foot drop off the top of the cliff by jumping into the water below. I'm not going to lie, each time I tried this, I was a little terrified, but it was a thrill!

The Splashville giant kids play area is an amazing interactive water play zone with hundreds of water elements. From hoses, water buckets, knobs, sprayers, jets, 3 waterslides and a 5,000 gallon giant water bucket that covers the area with water every 2 minutes! The blue enclosed waterslide in Splashville was my favorite. It was fast and smooth. The theming is also a nice touch, with a wild west vibe and a small replica of the city of Round Rock water tower.

The Lazy R (Lazy River) will take you on a trip around a train-track water river tube ride. Travel through slow-moving jets, a rainbow of rain, and shaded areas while floating in a tube of your own in about 3' 6" deep waters. This is a great attraction to be lazy in all day, hang around the Round Rock replica of the famous rock in Brushy Creek, or swim in the many pools surrounding The Lazy R too.

Something Big Just Got Bigger! The Rock’N River Water Park went through a multi-million dollar renovation in 2016! The Rock’N River expansion more than doubled the park in size, with exciting new attractions for the entire family! Rock’N River Water Park is located in Old Settlers Park at 3300 Palm Valley Blvd.

Watch our review video of Rock'N River Water Park in Round Rock, Texas for a fun look at this attraction filled water park. Included is an interview from the Round Rock Parks & Recreation Department Marketing & Events Coordinator, Mary Zambrano.

For more Slide Into Summer Fun blogs, check our blog posts on Thrillz. Have you visited Rock'N River Water Park in Round Rock, Texas? Let us know in the comments below!

*Video Correction: Rock'N River Water Park Officially Opened in 2006.

Reference Link(s): Rock'N River Water Park in Round Rock

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