Slide Into Summer Fun: LEGOLAND Water Park San Diego

Posted in LEGOLAND CA on Monday, August 14, 2017
Author: Josh Gilson

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Slide Into Summer Fun is having fun at LEGOLAND Water Park in San Diego, California! Thanks to Joel in San Diego for his time for taking video and photos for us. We hope you had a Thrilling time!

LEGOLAND Water Park is part of the LEGOLAND California park and is split into two parts; the LEGOLAND Water Park and the Chima Water Park area.

The LEGOLAND Water Park area has about ten attractions and pool areas, while the Chima Water Park area has just under ten attraction, making it a good split between these two water lands.

Starting near the entrance of the water park is a fun LEGO twist in a lazy river; Build-A-Raft River. Build-A-Raft River lets each guest float along this lazy LEGO-themed river while adding the floating foam LEGO bricks to their "raft" or tube. See how high you can get your LEGO tower on your tube while relaxing down this unique and fun lazy river. 

Do you like family raft rides!? We do, and on Orange Rush you can fit up to 6 people on a giant raft while speeding down a large orange half-pipe slide into a big splash pool. This attraction is a great family/friend ride along and even takes your photo during your adventure. We highly recommend this for everyone.

LEGOLAND is a very popular summer destination and one of those reasons is for it's uniquely themed LEGO-inspired decor, but also for Pirates Reef. Fire water cannons across two ships (red or blue) and get soaked as you stand above the flume flying down a giant hill leaving nothing dry for miles. This is a two-in-one attraction, with many ways to stay cool, but also it's not your typical water park attraction. This is a great example of a theme park and water park becoming one. It sits right between both lands and is a staple for the LEGOLAND Water Park and can't be passed up unless you'd rather walk the plank. ARRGGG!

Moving right into the Chima Water Park you might see a 30 foot high floating island (Mt. Cavora) with a waterfall. Mt. Cavora floats right above the Lion Temple Wave Pool and includes rolling waves in a large pool of water just past the lion head archway. It's like a journey to CHIMA itself. 

LEGOLAND Water Park has 3 kids water-play areas. THREE! This doesn't includes the splash zones and splash pads throughout the water park as well. The LEGO themed water park has a ton of interactive elements while making sure you're never dry and always having a great time in the sun.

Thanks for reading our Slide Into Summer Fun blog series, LEGOLAND Water Park is located just about 30 miles north of downtown San Diego in the city of Carlsbad, California. Have you been to a LEGO water or theme park? What's your favorite LEGO attraction?

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