Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park in Texas

Posted in Haunts on Monday, September 26, 2016
Author: Josh Gilson

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Halloween and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the costumes, the candy, the decor and the events. However I'm not a fan of people jumping out and scaring me, even though I enjoy scaring others. But, I did it for you!

Saturday evening, Terry & I attended Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park just outside Austin, Texas. They boost "20 acres of screams" and "piss-your-pants scary" and they're not wrong!

About 40 miles southwest of Austin, Texas lives this permanent scare location by the founder/creator, Norm Glenn. The drive there gets you in the mood, with long stretches of road with no lights and nothing around, ending on a dirt road in a woodsy area. We were also told that the gas station from the cult classic horror movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre was just a few miles down the road.

Glenn gave us a quick tour around the common area before we headed into the first of three haunted mazes. In the common area you'll find vendors selling products of interest, non-scare costume characters like slenderman and an old witch, who cursed Terry with a spell, live music, photo ops, Rabid Bat Vampire Bar, Cackling Witch Café and Bakery, and seating areas with a twist. Each table has writing of lore, spells or messages written on them.

I tried some of the food and hard pumpkin cider and all of it was great. The theming inside the the bar and café are a step above the rest with a lot to look at and will help get you in the spirit before you go into your first haunted house.

Scream Hollow has 3 haunted houses. Each different in theming and style. The waiting area is past the common area and becomes "full-game" to be scared while waiting. We waited less than 5 minutes, but this can be upto 30 minutes depending on the time you go.

I'm a big fan of the small groups allowed, which give a much more unique and real experience of being in a horror film. There's a gate master that give a quick story introduction about what you're about to experience and wishes you luck. I love this.

Mansion of Terror Phantoms

The first house we tried was Mansion of Terror Phantoms and it starts off in a run down old house with multiple inside and outside locations and scares aplenty. They do a great job of mixing real scare actors with animatronics, sounds, light, lack of light and many areas that mess with your imagination, which is your worst nightmare, I believe. 

Throughout the mansion are displayed sketches, crystal pendants and a room doused with dried pigs feet, rooster talons and squirrel tails, and severed heads of the dolls she confiscated from the children. In the midst of the mansion, a Spirit Board summoned souls from beyond sending Adella in a trance; excreting foamy vomit, demonic moans and voodoo chants where she inhabited the essence of the Baba Yaga, a Demonic Goddess, whose survival depended on the devouring of children. The center of the floor still bares a star, an altar of sacrifice.

This house was the scariest for me. Half the time you're not sure if you're really in the forest or a set. It blends the real with fantasy in way a lot of large event venues and theme parks just can't get away with. The interaction with the actors is great. You almost never seen other groups infront or behind you. There's a lot of distance to make you believe you're all alone. 

Some say the mansion is forever cursed. Some say Adella still roams the halls. Some say the mansion itself is alive. Welcome to your nightmare, The Phantoms of The Mansion of Terror!

Zombie City The Factory

Zombie City The Factory, is a post apocalyptic nightmare mixing the undead with a crazy scientist who want to eat your flesh and make you one of them. This house does not disappoint. A lot of scares, very interesting sets, cool effects, but the most entertaining part of the maze was the creeps. The scare actors do an amazing job of being creepy and disturbing. I'm still having nightmares!

People started disappearing. The government showed up and took over, a parade of army trucks going in and out of the factory doors. Bandannas were put over mouths in hopes the winds would eventually blow away the putrid smelling haze. Suddenly, the trucks were back and there were more armed soldiers than ever! The government built walls surrounding the community faster than expected, closing many within the factory, cut off from the outside world.

This haunted house was straight out of a sci-fi horror and you won't want to miss it. Make sure to say hi to the mad German scientist. I heard he's looking forward to meat meet his next patient. 

Slaughter Circus

Killer clowns, redneck cannibals & creepy locations. Welcome to Slaughter Circus where Vicious T. Mangles invites you to join their circus of death or find your way out. The music sets the stage as you navigate your way through a carney spectacle of blood and carnage. Clowns, Clowns, CLOWNS. Did I mention Clowns!? They're everywhere. These creepy and sadistic creatures will scare the life right out of you.

I love the use of colors and old carnival games and equipment found here. The sounds and music also go a long way with setting a mood. The old timey music was creepy enough, but one room had lamp lights flicker with a creepy clown just around the corner. There's also some amazing effects with lasers and fog you have to see in person. We played in this room a little longer than we should have since we should have been running for our lives. But the creepiest scene had to have been a girl laughing while on a swing in the middle of the forest. I'm not sure if I'd want to be out there all alone!

Dating back to 1867, Native American’s would go nowhere near the Palmer woods due to a history of bloody cannibalism. The entrance to the Palmer’s redneck hell was adorned with human spines and fresh skulls impaled to trees. Local tribes told legends of wicked ghost screams coming from the woods. Disappearances across Bastrop County point directly to Palmers sacrificing their victims in their demonic rituals. When the Palmer Family found out about Slaughter Circus on their land, they were enraged. Their thirst for blood was overwhelming and on the next full moon, they vowed to dismember, and barbecue, every last clown in sight. The Palmer family has surrounded the carnival, and are prepared for their epic massacre.

I'm not picking a favorite house, as each maze with full of haunts, scares and unique sets and effects. This place was great. Go get your tickets and stay for the night. Oh yeah, Scream Hollow offers night camping on site if you want that extra special eprice out in the woods. I think I'll pass on that. Would you do it?

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