One themed area, two rollercoasters, six world records!

Posted in Phantasialand on Sunday, June 5, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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Fans have waited a long time for this message: 30th of June 2016 will be the opening date for the new Klugheim area in Phantasialand which contains the multi-launch-coaster TARON and the family-boomerang-coaster RAIK. People from all over the world are watching the construction of Klugheim and the two super-coasters. Never before did a new themed area enchant people the way Klugheim did.

1 million views on the Facebookpage of Phantasialand, an organic reach of almost 2.6 million views for the video of the first testruns of TARON, and everywhere a state of shared euforia!

Phantasialand breaks six world records with the construction of these two rollercoasters:

  • TARON is the fastest multi-launch-coaster in the world
  • TARON is, in this construction style, the longest multi-launch-coaster in the world
  • TARON has the most intensive catapult-launch (LSM) in the world
  • The track crosses itself for 116 times on 58 crossings: a world record for a multi-launch-coaster
  • Family-boomerang RAIK is the fastest in the world
  • Family-boomerang RAIK is the longest in the world

When it comes to developing attractions, one thing is very important to Phantasialand: creating a unique and complete experience where a great ride and out-of-the-ordinary theming is connected together. Visitors can be personally convinced from the 30th of June, that this latest master piece has succeeded aswel. From then on, it's all about: buckle up, hold on tight, and enjoy both recordbreaking rollercoasters TARON and RAIK!

Source: Phantasialand Press

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