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If you go camping in Europe and the weather forces you to move to a place warm and sunny, you might end  up at Lake Garda in Italy. At least, we did. When we finally found a campsite we liked, we discovered we could see Gardaland from the beach at our campsite. We had already visited Gardaland a few years ago and noticed enormous groups of tourists in Peschiera del Garda, so we didn’t think it was a good idea to visit this park now. Therefore, we looked a bit more to the left and we saw Hollywood Tower and roller coaster Diabolik: Movieland Park.

Compared to Gardaland, Movieland Park is less known among tourists. There’s even a water park next to it, but we decided to focus on Movieland Park itself. At 9.50 AM we stood in front of the gate of this park with a handful of other people. Due to some technical issues with the ticket scanners, the park opened a bit later than 10 AM, but the staff kept entertaining us and Diabolik was doing a few test runs, so this wasn’t a problem.

When it was finally time to enter the park with a typical “lights, cameras, action”, we were led to a stage where we were welcomed by the actors. We felt like real guests during this show and a few minutes later it was time to explore the park. Some rides were still closed, but Kitt Superjet was open (a speedboat ride based on the Knightrider tv show with even instruction videos by David Hasselhoff in the waiting line). Despite the soaked YouTube clips I had seen of this ride, we decided to go for it. It was the first ride of Kitt Superjet of the day, but the stunt driver made this ride really exciting: high speed, turns of 360 degrees and some nice show elements made this ride unique! And maybe it was still cold for Italian standards (we Dutchies think everything above 20 degrees Celsius with sun is warm), but we didn’t exit this ride completely soaked.

Next thing on our list was Bronto Jet: a steel roller coaster with some bobsled kinda trains on it. It was a good coaster with some nice views of Lake Garda (and because it was still very quiet in this area, I was the only one on this ride!).

We wanted to go to the U-571 submarine simulator, but it needed at least 16 people to ride. There wasn’t anyone around, so after a (long) ride in the Octopus, we tried again. Even after a short wait, there still weren’t enough people. So we decided to go towards Diabolik. On our way we discovered Hollywood Tower had also opened and there were only 8 people waiting. New plan: I entered this freefall that’s got a funny twist at the end. The ride itself was a bit bumpy (especially when you stop quite suddenly when you’re on your back), but it was a lot of fun.

And then finally Diabolik. Usually you have to wait in line before you can ride a roller coaster, but this time the roller coaster was waiting for guests to ride it. Because the first two rows were already taken, I took a seat at the third row. Nice gimmick about this inverted boomerang coaster is that you face each other during the ride. Once the train went up the lifthill (I went up facing the ground), I discovered it was pretty high, but at that point the train dropped for a very smooth ride.

Because we were in a movie park, we had to visit a show: Overdrive. In this show you can get a look on a movieset. It had a lot of comedy, stunts and audience participation. We loved it. Afterwards, I immediately entered the Tomb Raider Machine (TRM), a themed Lara Croft Topspin. It was a bit tame, but combined with the story a good experience.

As lunch, we had a very decent meal for a fair themepark price. Also, the ice cream in this park is superb. When we had lunch, we noticed that there were more people inside this park than in the morning, but there were still no mentionable queues. This park promises that if waiting times are over 30 minutes, you can come back another day for free. Great service!

After a couple of rides, like flume Troncosaurus and the swinging ship BC-10 Airlines, we saw the Back to the Future themed monorail had finally opened. The short movies at each station were ok, but the views over Lake Garda and the stunt rides (Kitt Superjet and Magma 2.1) were the best.

In Magma 2.1 you can ride along in a big truck with a stunt driver. This turned out to be more exciting than expected: the stunt driver takes you along a variety of “dangerous” situations involving water, fire, steep hills and other road objects. Especially the people on the back and on the left side of the truck got soaked during this ride. Because we were on the right side of the truck, still dry, with a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and a lot of sun, we decided to go to Kitt Superjet again. And this time there was no escape from the waves: although I received some refreshing splashes of water in my face, my husband (who sat on the other side of the boat) was completely soaked!

We ended our day with Police Academy, a driving simulator where we had to pass a test for captain Harris. Of course, the simulator gets sabotaged by the Police Academy students, which creates hilarious scenes (have you ever been on a simulator that starts dancing?).

We loved this small park in Lazise, Italy. It was easy to reach, not very expensive (28 euros per adult), it had a nice staff and it offers some unique rides. We spent about 6.5 hours in this park (we skipped a few rides and shows), it’s easy to stay here all day (you can even combine it with dinner at the medieval castle of at the rock star restaurant).

In this park you can also visit the infamous Horror House. It is rumored that only 40% of the visitors of this haunted house (a walkthrough of 15 minutes) complete the journey. I did not belong to the 40%, I didn’t dare to enter at all… (There was nobody in line and I didn’t like the idea of entering this scary house with just the two of us). We also skipped the new ride Android, because we didn’t want to wait for this simulator (There was a show every 30 minutes, but every time we passed this ride a show had just started).

If you’re ever near the South of Lake Garda, just prepare to be amazed and visit this park. You will surely find a piece of Hollywood in this park in Italy.


Reference Link(s): Website Movieland Park

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