Liseberg takes app development to new heights

Posted in Liseberg on Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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Following the success of the Helix Game, Liseberg amusement park is launching a new ride app. The app is designed for AeroSpin, this year’s headline interactive aeroplane ride. This time around the app will be integrated into the ride itself. A version is also being developed for Apple TV.

The big news this year at Liseberg is an interactive aeroplane ride with levers that allow the rider to spin the plane around on its own axis. Each plane is fitted with a counter that records the number of spins.

“With AeroSpin, the challenge is to spin your plane round as many times as possible – it’s an ongoing mission to set new records,” says Katarina Kolb, PR Manager at Liseberg, in charge of developing the app. “Because we can pull data from the attraction, the app enables us to display the results and share them on smartphones. The record so far is 60 spins during one ride. If I had managed that I would want to share it with the whole world!”

The mobile app is also intended to make queuing more fun. There is a flying game with eight courses of increasing difficulty, and you can also have fun dressing up your selfie in a range of pilot gear. Another aim of the app was to reinforce the Victorian theme in Liseberg Gardens, the area where AeroSpin has been installed.

“The Victorian era was a time of elegance and elaborate design, but also reflected the joy of discovery and a sense of offbeat humour. The app aims to capture this spirit. It’s like a cross between a swaggering American film on the pioneers of aviation and Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg, describing the imagery.

Liseberg’s previous ride app, Helix Game, was a tremendous success and was downloaded a quarter of a million times in just a few months. It also won several prestigious prizes, including a gold in the Epica Awards and a Silver Lion in the Cannes Lions. Liseberg is also adding a new platform for its AeroSpin app, with a special version being developed for Apple TV.

“Sweden has a high level of digital take-up and our guests are quick to adopt new technology. This makes it important for Liseberg to maintain a high development pace on the digital front,” says Markus Ruotsalainen, Manager of Digital Channels at Liseberg.

Andreas Andersen has no concerns that guests will stay at home and enjoy the AeroSpin experience from their sofas instead of visiting the amusement park in real life.

“No, it will never be the same thing! Who wants to sit on the sofa and pretend to fly in Business Class without any turbulence when you can spin around like a tumble dryer IRL?!”

Source: Liseberg Press

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