Klugheim Phantasialand, 1 New Themed World, 2 New Roller Coasters

Posted in Phantasialand on Sunday, July 3, 2016
Author: Sabine

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Today it’s June 29th. For most people an ordinary Wednesday, but not for me. I feel excited, nervous and lucky. Tonight, Phantasialand will open the new themed area Klugheim and I can’t wait to get there. Although I’ve done my share of roller coasters, this one has been rising my expectations for two years now: pictures and movies of the theming looked beautiful and the layout gave me goosebumps.

While I’m driving to this beautiful park in Germany, the words from the Phantasialand website keep going through my head:

  • One new themed world
  • Two roller coasters
  • Six world records

With the opening of Klugheim, no less than six world records will be broken:

  • Taron is the fastest multi-launch coaster in the world
  • Taron is the longest multi-launch coaster of its kind in the world
  • Taron is the fastest catapult drive (LSM) in the world
  • Taron has got 116 intersections across the whole track layout
  • Raik is the fastest family boomerang in the world
  • Raik is the longest family boomerang in the world

Because of the excitement and the lack of traffic jams, I arrive at Phantasialand an hour early. And I’m not the only one: in just half an hour the entire entrance is packed with fans. When the last visitor has left the park, we are allowed to enter the park. There are signs everywhere to show us the way to Klugheim. It’s kinda weird, walking through a theme park without sounds of screaming people in rides, but I guess this will change later tonight. When I pass the beautiful Chiapas ride, I reach a closed gate: Klugheim. Sooner than expected, smoke appears from behind the gate and the doors open slowly while everybody’s cheering. When I enter Klugheim, the Klugheim locals welcome me. There’s a warlock, some monks and a lot of Klugheim residents who offer me pretzels and beer. I immediately feel very welcome and while I’m walking to the center of the village, I’m overwhelmed by the giant rocks and the wooden buildings and images. I’ve visited this park a few times before, but I really don’t know where I am right now. There are so many details on walls, buildings, and in the many alleys, that I don’t know where to look. I decide I will explore Klugheim later and visit Taron first. It’s a good choice: there are only 20 people in front of me and the queue is growing very fast behind me. While I’m waiting for Taron to open, I have a wonderful view of the track and I try to figure out what the ride would be like. I try again and again, but I can’t solve the puzzle. Just when I think the only solution is just to ride the coaster, the opening ceremony begins. The music starts, the fire is lit and a deep voice says Taron is open. The walk through the themed queue begins and after a long walk I arrive at the trains. Unfortunately, the front row is reserved for VIPs, so I decide to go for the third row. The seats are comfortable and slowly the train leaves the stations. After a corner, the train stops and prepares for the first launch. The launch itself is very good and the train zigzags through the village of Klugheim. Up, down, left, right, I have no idea where we are or where I’m going. Then, hidden between the rocks, there’s a second launch. This one blows me away and actually makes me scream from excitement. Taron goes even faster, gives lots of airtime and even more near misses. Filled with adrenalin, I arrive at the station. Wow, what a smooth, fast coaster! I want to go again, but first I have to give Taron’s little brother Raik a visit.

This family boomerang coaster just opens when I arrive at the entrance of Raik. Raik has also got a pretty long themed queue and offers some nice views of the track. Unfortunately I’m not able to choose a seat myself, but fortunately they assign be backseat. The lap bars of Raik are beautiful, but not very comfortable for the taller moms and dads who would like to accompany their kid. With my 1,85m. I have to struggle a bit with the lap bar to get comfortable. Raik itself is a great family coaster. The train is pulled backwards into a large tower, when it’s released you fly through the station, race through some corners, get back inside the tower and then it’s time to do it all backwards.

I loved this family boomerang. It’s powerful, but not too steep or too fast. Even the small girl who was crying when she entered the train, had a big smile on her face after riding this family coaster.

After riding the two coasters, it’s time to enjoy some of the delicious food Phantasialand offers. I can definitely recommend the crêpes with Nutella and the weißen beer! Still, one thing keeps going through my mind: would Taron give more airtime in the back of the train? Well, only one way to find out: back to Taron! Taron has got 8 rows and I ride it at row 6 and 7 now. This time the ride is even more intense. It looks like Taron was just warming up when I first rode it, this time it even goes faster and the airtime is enormous. I love this coaster! It has got everything a coaster should have: speed, surprises, near misses and airtime.

I think there is just one word that can describe Klugheim: it’s A-MAZE-ING! A maze of alleys, roller coaster track and even the waiting queues were a bit of a maze. I’ve had an amazing time and I’ll probably visit this theme park in Brühl again very soon. Thank you Phantasialand!

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