K'Nex Review: Cobra's Coil

Posted in Thrillz on Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing some themepark related websites, watched some YouTube vids and checked out some subreddits about themeparks. I've been creating some videos for our YouTube channel already, onrides, offrides, I even created some crafty videos where I build a cardboard 3D model of some houses that can be found in the fairytale forest in the Efteling.

But then I stumbled upon a video of someone creating a Lego model. Simple, easy, following each building step and showed that alongside a funky tune. Suddenly a lightbulb went on above my head, and I started contacting toy companies. The one that responded immediately: K'Nex.

In this review blog I will talk about the Cobra's Coil Rollercosater set. It's also good to know that this will be the very first K'Nex set that I've ever build in my entire life.

The Cobra's Coil Rollercoaster set is about 8 feet (2.4m) long and 2.1' (64cm) high, consists of 201 pieces, and the back of the box shows a different track you could make with the same parts, so basically you get two sets for the price of one! That's a huge plus!


When opening the box, it contained 2 plastic bags with parts, one for the scaffolding, the other contained the actual track parts, another little bag contained a golden rollercoaster cart, and last but not least 2 rubberbands, that you have to use for the launcher (yes this is a launched coaster), and the book with the instructions.

I opened the instruction booklet and was pleasantly surprised. Each building step was explained using an image, and if you needed to connect it to a piece that you've build in an earlier step, it was grayed out so you always exactly knew what bit you were building. Another great thing was the little box where it showed all pieces you needed to build that specific step.


With the help of the instructions I had the scaffolding built in almost 30 minutes. Then it was time to add the tracks, and since the scaffolding had a couple of bits sticking out, it was easy to guess where the tracks should be attached to. A couple of clicks later the full track was completed and I was ready to test Cobra's Coil.

My hand reached out to the cart, I placed him over the launcher and a small piece of plastic wrapped over the rubber band. I pulled back, and... it snapped. Turned out I placed the launcher on backwards. That's probably also the reason they add 2 rubber bands, for idiots like me who break the first one the first try. The second rubberband was attached, the launcher replaced, and I eagerly pulled back the cart.


It worked, I squealed like a little girl, and pulled again, and again. I succeeded in building my first K'Nex rollercoaster, and it felt good!


My first K'Nex coaster, my first K'Nex experience, was great. I can understand why this kind of toy is so popular, it's easy to build and the end result is satisfying. Cobra's Coil is one, if not the smallest rollercoaster set K'Nex has, they have several bigger ones. Even motorized ones that has you lay down, after you're done building, and watch the cart go up and down the tracks, over and over again. I still recommend this set if you've never played with K'Nex before. It's a great starting set, but be warned... it can get quite addictive.

Where to buy?

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Buy Cobra's Coil NL : For K'Nex information NL

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