It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Wintertraum Phantasialand

Posted in Phantasialand on Friday, December 2, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

Although I’ve been to Phantasialand a few times before, I’ve never visited this wonderful park in winter. So, on Friday November 25th we (my husband and I) headed to Brühl to find out if the winter edition is just as much fun as the summer season. We arrived at 10.10 AM, we thought the park opened (half) an hour earlier, just like in summer. Unfortunately, we were wrong so we decided to take a walk around the park and gaze at the beautiful hotels. It was a cold, but very sunny day, so after our little walk we decided to wait in front of the gates at the main entrance. Just a few minutes before 11 o’clock we passed the bag check and we scanned our ticket. While everybody was moving towards Klugheim to ride Taron, we immediately went to Black Mamba for a nice front seat ride. There was almost nobody there. With two other people we sat front seat and I believe there were two people at the back. Although it was the first ride of the day, Black Mamba made sure we would remember it. This wild B&M coaster with lots of near misses was a great start of the day.

We didn’t take any time to relax after this adventure and went straight to Wuze Town for our favourite spinning coasters: Winja’s Fear and Winja’s Force. There was absolutely nobody waiting in line, so we could choose if we would like to start backwards or forward. We decided to do Fear backwards and Force forward. Sometimes a bit rough, but still the most surprising spinning coasters I’ve done in my life.

Completely hyper from the adrenalin, we wanted to go for something more relaxed. We walked across Mause au Chocolat and with an indicated waiting time of ten minutes, we couldn’t just pass it. Inside we discovered there was no waiting line at all. This isn’t my favourite shooter (pulling the string of the bag filled with whipped cream is way harder than just shooting), but my husband totally went berzerk and of course won the game.

We started to notice there weren’t a lot of people in the park. On Kaiserplatz in the Berlin area were some stands with food and drinks, but this was the only place in the park where there seem to be a lot of people. With this in mind we entered Hotel Tartüff, one of the funniest fun houses I’ve ever visited. The slide at the end is the best: steep and fast!

We went to Klugheim for a snack and filled our stomach with a nice crêpe with banana and Nutella. I asked my husband if he dared to ride Taron front seat and warned him it’s quite an extreme ride. (For the record, my husband is not a roller coaster freak, he’s more into beautiful themed dark rides). He was up for the challenge and five minutes later we sat front seat. Maybe it was because we were riding Taron front seat in the cold, but it seemed like Taron was even going faster than at the opening night. When the ride stopped, we both had tears in our eyes from the cold wind and my husband was a bit shocked about what just happened. He said it felt like he was almost thrown out of Taron, because of the sudden curves.

After a visit to Mystery Castle (pity we had the very short program), ghost house Geister Riksja, coaster Colorado Adventure and the flume Chiapas (with a poncho because of the cold water), we decided to take a break and do something we had never done before in Phantasialand: visit a show. We chose White Christmas on Ice: a very musical ice dance show. It actually was pretty good, especially if you like all those showy elements. At the end, even Santa (in his golden suit) joined the ice-skaters and danced with them.

When we were walking back to the Berlin area, we came across a few African dancers and we were invited to join them. I got a stick with a fluffy thingy to wave with and decided to just go with it. It was a lot of fun After a few minutes of dancing, we went to the restaurant in the Berlin area for dinner (a bit early so we could enjoy the park in the dark). At exactly five o’clock Wintertraum really came to life: the sun was gone, but Phantasialand was filled with lights in every colour and the flames of Talocan were lighting the sky. I was like we were in a completely different theme park! After riding the Wellenflug, I went to Black Mamba again for a ride in the dark, again front seat. Because there were hardly any lights around the coaster and because of the black track, it was a crazy experience: I couldn’t see a thing, I could only feel the G-forces pushing me back into my seat. I felt a bit sick after this heavy ride in the dark, but there was still one thing I wanted to do: Taron in the dark! So, back to Klugheim, back to Taron. This time there were quite a few people waiting for front seat, so I waited for the grouper to point me to my seat: fourth row this time. With both launches illuminated by red lights this was an awesome ride. We decided not to wait for the fireworks and called it a day: we still had to drive to our hotel in Bonn where we would spend the rest of our weekend.

I think Wintertraum is even better than the summer season of Phantasialand. The atmosphere and the decoration are sublime: ribbons, snow men, Christmas trees, real snow, ice skating, wintersnacks and glühwein, fire, lights, Christmas music! Wintertraum ís the most wonderful time of the year in Phantasialand. And all of the rides (except River Quest) were open on the day we went (it didn’t freeze). I’m pretty sure I’ll be there again next year. I mean, I still have to find six out of the seven hidden faces in Klugheim. Phantasialand, we’ll meet again!

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