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Posted in Attractiepark Slagharen on Thursday, April 13, 2017
Author: Dion Verhelst

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Remember when we said goodbye to Thunderloop? Wouter Dekkers, CEO of Attractiepark Slagharen promised us that there would be a worthy follower to that rollercoaster. And he kept his promise. Today, Gold Rush was opened. The first triple-launch coaster in the Netherlands and my oh my, you WILL get a rush.

I was invited by James W. Marshall IV, a gold seeker from the old Wild West. His grandfather opened a mine, but James is the one that built the fastest way to get there. In this case, a rollercoaster.

The last time I've visited the park as press, everything was a taken care of, but this time they really spend everything they had so the press and other invitees felt like real VIP's. There were free drinks, and snacks, a completely separated area so we could set up our camera's in peace, a professional opening-show, including James W. Marshall himself who pressed a TNT box, together with the Major of Slagharen and CEO Wouter Dekkers. After a few explosions, the train of Gold Rush was sent out on the track for the first time, and passed the station twice as fireworks exploded right above it. After this successful opening, the coaster was opened for the press and other VIP's. I took the chance to ride it two times, first in the backseat (because I was told that was the best place) and then in the front seat.

The backseat is indeed the better of the two, mainly because the second time you get launched (which is backwards), you will hang upside down for a few moments before gravity pulls the cart back down and into the final launch which slings you into the "Sling loop" to be followed by more segments, including a Sidewinder and finishing with a dive loop.

The theming around the ride was top-notch. They've created a little area which actually looks like the entrance of a gold mine, including a tent where the gold seeker sleeps, his dirty clothes on a line and barrels, carts and desert plants to fill it all up. Even the fences around the perimeter were themed, wooden sticks, held together by iron. Attractiepark Slagharen is becoming a worthy competition for the big 3 themeparks in the Netherlands.

After spending enough time on and around the rollercoaster, lines were getting pretty long because it opened up for the public, I went to see the American Circus Show. This was a little circus show as you can probably imagine it. Acrobats, magicians, illusionists and a silly clown, put together a great fun show for kids and adults to enjoy. I used the time to sit down and relax a bit before I had to walk back to the car and drove another 2 hours back home.

Wouter Dekkers kept his promise, he created a new area, completely themed to it's surroundings. He brought a little bit of magic back, magic that once was but sadly got lost in the 00's. Thanks again for the invitation and the creation of this fine memory. I still feel like hanging up-side-down, even tho it was probably only 2 seconds, it felt like an eternity.

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