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Posted in Julianatoren on Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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When I opened my e-mail a couple of days ago, I found an invitation. I get several invitations, but this one was very special because it was an invitation for a birthday. The invitations I normally get are from themeparks that have a press-event, or a special performance or show, but this time it was for something else. Julianatoren was planning to celebrate the birthday of Julia de Muis (Julia the Mouse), one of the mascots of the park. And the best part, Julia didn't know anything about the surprise party.

The birthday was on a Saturday, lucky me, since I love them. Birthdays and Saturdays, so I jumped in my car and went off to go and congratulate Julia. Julianatoren is one of the smaller themeparks in the Netherlands, and they aim for children under the age of 12, so what would a 33 year old fart be doing there? *Sigh* I already told you, there was a birthday!

My parents used to take me to the park when me and my brother were kids, but sadly I can't remember any of it, well maybe some vague parts of a ghost train and a kids playground. But when I arrived I got a slight feeling of recognition. Well, they have a huge tower close to the middle of the park, that's the same tower that gives the park it's name: Julianatoren, the Tower of Juliana. Juliana was queen of the Netherlands from 1948 to 1980 and the watchtower is named after her. And that tower is definitely something I do remember, but most of the rides... not really. That could be because my memory is getting worse, or they have changed the rides and attractions. I will never know.

The day opened with the opening show, Mr. Kaasgaaf and Ms. Suikerspin invited Jul and Julia over to open the park. They sang songs and did a little dance, and after a countdown the park was opened. Mr. Kaasgaaf and Ms. Suikerspin invited you in, and they promised me there would be cake!

I began my adventure with walking around the park, basking in the ambiance for a moment. Then I rode some rides that I could, since most of them were children's rides there was a max. height restriction to a lot of them. The first one I was allowed in was Jul's Rollerskates, a family coaster that rides the track twice. Another ride I did was the Dino's Tour, where you ride through a world of dinosaurs in a car. But time continues, and it was time for the surprise party!

The Julia's Birthday show was about to begin, the theater was halfway full when I arrived. I was allowed to place my camera, close to the sound-man, and I watched the show from the side of the theater. It was a big party, Julia didn't expect a thing and the best gift she wanted was, her friend Jul to be there. Did you know that Jul's birthday will be celebrated on the 9th and 10th of July? The show was a huge success and I was happy that I was invited. So when I left the theater with a smile on my face, I walked straight into the waiting line of the Spookslot, which is a ghost train type of ride, with the big difference being that you ride it in a train and not in seperate carts.

Thinking back on the day makes me happy, I'm way too old for this park, but my 6 year old daughter would love it! The rides were in a very good state, the shows are well done and I entertained myself. Julianatoren even included a lunch for me, which was a hamburger with fries on the side and a drink of choice. Typical something my belly approves.

Oh, before I forget, remember that Jul will celebrate his birthday on the 9th and 10th of July. The AFAS Sprookjesweken (AFAS fairytale weeks) are from the 15th of July until the 14th of August. So if you're near and want to see something special, make sure to Visit Julianatoren on those days.

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