Happy Birthday Jul

Posted in Julianatoren on Friday, July 15, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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“Wake up…”, a whisper. “Wake up, little one…”, I gently rock my daughter, trying to wake her up. “We’ve received an invitation from a friend of yours, he’s celebrating his birthday today, but we have to drive for a little while.” She slowly opens her eyes and turns towards me. “Who’s having a birthday today dad?” She yawns, stretches her arms above her head and looks at me. “A friend of yours, I don’t know who exactly but he signed with a J.” She pushes herself up and sits on her bed. “We have to get ready, take a shower, dress up nicely and then we can go.” She gives me a hug, and walks downstairs to the bathroom.

We’ve received an invitation. An invitation of a friend, for his birthday. This friend… Jul, from the Julianatoren, best friend of Julia, who’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. So off we went to the Julianatoren once more, this time I’m bringing my daughter along with me. It’s about an 1,5 hour drive from my home, and all this time my daughter had no idea where we would be going to. She told me a couple of times before that she would love to go to Julianatoren, because she saw their show on television. A show including Jul and Julia, two mice that live in the Julianatoren, the big chief Mr. Kaasgaaf (Cheesegrate) and the lovely woman Mrs. Suikerspin (Cottoncandy), who go on little adventures in the park, and try to get rid of two villains that are messing around. And as a good children’s show, the good always wins and lessons are learned.

So we went to the park, to ride some attractions, but mainly because we wanted to see the birthday surprise show for Jul. Only, that Ferris Wheel looked pretty inviting, to my daughter, I’m not a huge fan of heights. No I clearly dislike heights. Well, I hate heights. Luckily my daughter assured me that nothing was going to happen, and she was there to protect me. It looked like the roles had been switched around this time, so with jelly-knees I stepped into the little cabin, and they started to hoist us up. Fun fact, when they let people enter each cabin, the whole wheel stops. Even when you get on the highest level. And did I mention before that I’m afraid of heights? That ride, to me, was awful and I was happy when I could place both of my feet back on solid ground. But we had a beautiful daddy/daughter moment there.

After that we went venturing around the park, looking at what Julianatoren had to offer and they have quite some rides for kids to enjoy. We decided to go to the Haunted House ride, and this time I had to reassure my little princess that nothing would happen to her. To my surprise she bravely entered the cart, crawled up against me, held her hands over her ears and closed her eyes, but when the cart finally began moving she couldn’t help peaking every now and then. She survived the ride!

So far we were having a great time, but we came here for a reason. It was someone’s birthday! So we ran towards the theater, and I spoke a little while to the soundman. Like last time I was allowed to place my camera on a little platform, so it had a perfect view on the stage. The show used the same setting and storyline as Julia’s Birthday, but this time Mr. Kaasgaaf was acting a little bit more… childish and innocent, but he made remarks that the children wouldn’t understand but made the parents burst out in laughing. For example, when they started the music for another song he said, “Oh dear, it’s starting to look like a musical”. But ofcourse, the whole show was like a musical. Little things like that make these shows very fun to watch, for children and their parents.

This summer Julianatoren offers more shows and events, for example the AFAS Sprookjesweken (AFAS Fairytale weeks) from 15th of July until 14th of August, and the Zomeravonden (Summernights), at the 16th, 23rd and 30th of July and the 6th and 13th of August, where the park will be open until 8PM.

More information about the AFAS Sprookjesweken (in Dutch).
More information about the Zomeravonden (in Dutch)

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