From Santa to Shamu, SeaWorld San Diego Is Your Christmas Destination

Posted in SeaWorld San Diego on Saturday, November 21, 2015
Author: Josh Gilson

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Wave of holiday spirit are crashing at SeaWorld San Diego this 2015 Christmas Celebration event. As always you can expect SeaWorld to deck the halls around the park with decorations, lights, festive music, holiday food and shows to match.  

With over 1.5 million Christmas lights, most of which are LED's, SeaWorld is a sight to behold at night. At Santa's Christmas Village, you can meet Mrs. Claus, several elves to interact with, gaming areas, holiday food and even get your family photo with Santa Claus. Every night at 5:00, Mrs. Claus and the elves light the Christmas Tree in a festive sing-along. The animated LED larger than life Christmas tree is synced to music and is a show all it's own. 

FOOD! Yes, I'm a bit of a fatty during this time of year. But can you blame me with Chef Axel's line up this Holiday season at SeaWorld? Mashed potato pizza, rich hot chocolate (Available in collectable mugs), mini pies, cinnamon rolls, christmas sausage rolls, mac-n-cheese, lamb and more. I tried almost everything and now I need bigger pants. #WorthIt 

Available on select days is Breakfast with Shamu & Santa. This gives a little extra time for your kids to tell Santa what they want for Christmas and if they're anything like my kid, they'll say a cat. Sorry kid, "Santa" is not bring us a cat, our property management supersedes Santa Claus. Maybe a clown fish.

The Christmas Celebration at SeaWorld San Diego takes over as each show is themed with festive decorations, music and plots involving the holiday season. Don't miss these seasonal shows during your holiday visit:

Dolphin Island Christmas 
Dolphin Island celebrates Christmas with a tropical twist. Dolphins, pilot whales, and dancers get into the spirit during this daytime show at dolphin stadium.

Pets Rule Christmas 
Christmas is in full swing at the Pets Rule!® Stadium. Join your favorite pets, including dogs, cats, pigs, birds, and more as they rush to get ready for this holiday. As the season of winter begins, the Pets partake in Winter Games, building Frosty the Snowman and creating a wintery wonderland full of amazing decorations. Celebrate Christmas the only way a pet knows how – with glee and excitement!

A Sesame Street Christmas 
Growing up in Fairyland, Abby is not familiar with the celebration and traditions of the Christmas season. Her Sesame Street friends share with her their favorite things about Christmas. After singing Christmas carols, learning about Santa, reindeer, jingle bells and gift giving, Abby discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

There's also Shamu Christmas Miracles and Clyde & Seamore’s Christmas Special. I'll make sure we get video and Thrillz pages setup for those shows soon! #ChristmasatSeaWorld

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If you're a SeaWorld annual pass member, don't forget to get your free ticket to bring a friend or family member that doesn't have a pass until December 31, 2015. More info here.

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  • I really love Christmas, because it brings families together. Warmth, joy, gifts and FOOD! Loads of food. Which is, besides breathing, the BEST thing in the world.

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