Exploring new things at Europa-Park

Posted in Theme Parks on Thursday, November 9, 2017
Author: Sabine

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Do you know these places where you just have to stop? Europa-Park is one of them for me. Every time were near this park, I just have to go to it. Is it the roller coasters? The theming? The shows? The ambiance? Well, I think it’s the combination of all of these things. But the most important reason this time was Voletarium, the new indoor flying sensation.

So there we were, 8.30 AM, way too early. Although the park would open at 9.00 AM, the main street was already open, and to our surprise Voletarium was too!!  What a nice way to start the day and what a customer friendly approach from Europa-Park! We walked through the incredibly beautiful themed waiting line and kept walking until we were in front of the doors for the ride. The doors opened, we put our backpack in the cabinet and we buckled up. We could sit on the bottom bench in the middle, in my opinion the best place of this ride. When the lights went out and the bench moved forward, everything about this ride felt good. After going through a cloud, we flew around Europe and ended (of course) in Europa-Park. The used images were really good. That combined with the movements of the bench, the wind, the scent and all of the other effects immediately made Voletarium one of my favourite rides. Some people compare Voletarium to Disney’s Soarin, but because I’m not familiar with Soarin (yet) I can’t tell if it’s fair to compare these two and which one is better. The only thing I know was that I wanted to go again.

After this unique experience, we decided to wait in front of the Italian part of the park until the park would open. When it did, we ran towards the Swiss part of the park for Matterhorn Blitz. This Crazy Mouse coaster can have some pretty long waiting times so we wanted to do this one as soon as possible. Because everybody ran towards the big coasters, there was nobody waiting. So after our ride, the operators asked us if we wanted to go again. Wow, this has never happened to us before and we happily did a second ride. During our second run, we saw that there was also hardly anyone at the Swiss Bob, so we went for it and again we could enter a coaster without any waiting time. We’ve never been this lucky and hoped this didn’t mean that everybody was waiting in line for Blue Fire, the next roller coaster on our list. Thankfully, the sign indicated a waiting time of five minutes. And because our theme today was exploring new things, my husband decided to join me on this launched coaster for the first time. Since the best seat in this coaster is frontseat, we waited a bit longer before this blue machine launched us to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. I love this coaster, and although my husband enjoyed the launch, the rest of the coaster left him a bit speechless. And I guess it didn’t help that Wodan (also a first for him) was our next coaster on the list. Wodan also has got a speed of 100 km/h, but this wooden coaster has got a lot of sudden twists and turns. After these two extreme coasters it was time to chill in one of the many bars Europa-Park has to offer.

Next stop: The Alpenexpress coaster. This is a powered coaster which has recently added a VR experience for a part of the train. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about this move. I really liked this coaster as it was, especially the interaction in the diamond cave with the log flume. But you can’t judge about something if you have done it, so I chose the mine movie (there was also a flying movie) and took a seat in the train. As soon as I put the VR glasses on my head I was sold: when I looked down I had the body and feet of a mouse and during the ride it even felt like I went upside down for a bit. I was really impressed by this addition and I would recommend everybody to try this coaster with ánd without the VR glasses. Both are completely different experiences.

We did some of our usual rides (Arthur, Euro-Mir, Euro-Tower, shooter Atlantis Adventure, the boatride in Adventureland, Pirates in Batavia, Ghost Castle, Piccolo Mondo) and headed for family coaster Pegasus. This roller coaster also had a VR experience we wanted to try. This time, we also received headphones. If I’m honest, I liked this movie less. It involved the characters of Europa-Park’s new 4D movie Happy Family and to me it felt a bit like plugging the movie. However, my husband preferred this VR experience over the one at Alpenexpress because of the addition of sound. He says the experience was more complete this way.

After checking out the new Ireland area (a beautifully themed children’s playground with a kiddy coaster and some other rides for children) we went to Atlantica Supersplash. Although it wasn’t very warm and it even rained for a bit, we couldn’t just pass one of our favourite rides. When we closed the lapbar and saw everybody else was wearing plastic ponchos, we really hoped we didn’t get soaked (which usually happens on this ride). We were really fortunate this day: people who are not on this ride can create water explosions when the boat passes. Lucky for us, somebody with a bad sense of timing pushed the button way too soon. It was the first time ever we didn’t exit this ride soaked.

We ended our day with a bit of a cheesy fairy boat ride we hadn’t done before, Volo da Vinci and of course Voletarium. For the first time, we skipped hypercoaster Silver Star. I really like this coaster (especially the speed), but I’m not very fond of this kind of lapbars and we had to choose between another round of Voletarium or Silver Star.

It was another amazing (and exhausting) day in this park. The best way to visit this park, is to go multiple days but unfortunately we didn’t have time to stay longer. With Voletarium, Europa-Park has got another great ride and can it offer an even greater variety in entertainment. In 2019, Europa-Park will also open a waterpark in Rust. So if you’re looking for thrills, amusement, a great ambiance, adventure or waterrides, you should definitely visit this park in the south of Germany (near France and Switzerland) if you’ve got the chance. We’ve already been here seven times and we still haven’t seen everything this park has to offer. I can’t wait to go again.


Reference Link(s): Website Europa-Park

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