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Posted in Efteling on Monday, June 20, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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This summer Efteling is filled with activities. In the sweet summer months of July and August you can enjoy for more time than ever with exciting attractions and refreshing entertainment. The park will be opened until 8PM and on Saturdays until midnight. More than enough time to go and visit the newest Fairytale Forest inhabitant Pinocchio, or to take a dive in the dive-coaster Baron 1898. On the nine Saturdays (the Nine Squares Festivity) visitors have until midnight to be enchanted by swinging musicians, spactacular acts and international street performers. At night, an enchanting ambiance appears on nine special open placed with live-entertainment suitable for young and old.

Summer Sweetness

The Efteling knows loads of places to eat and drink in the summertime. They have many fields of grass that invites visitors to fill up a picknick basket with all kinds of delicious things and enjoy it, sitting in the middle of the nature. The Speelweide (Play meadow) will be magically transformed into a huge terrace filled with food, drinks and on Saturdays, swinging Efteling musicians. The big square near the entrance is reserved for a pop-up restaurant.

Nine x Negen Pleinen Festijn

On the nine Saturdays, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23th, 30th of July and the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of August the Efteling will be opened until midnight. All of the attractions will be open and the Fairytale Forest will be enlightened with the use of faeries. Divided on the nine squares, scattered through the park, visitors can enjoy typical Efteling entertainment at night. There will also be two new squares; the Station Square with music, international street performances and a real barber. And the Vliegende Hollander square (Flying Dutchman), with enchanting living statues. On the other squares people can enjoy amazing live performances of over 100 musicians, acrobats and more. Visit a swinging South-American party, to a Schlagerfest, and end with the stories of Klaas Vaak (the Sandman) and the Efteling Sing-Along-Party.

Sleeping in a Fairytale

After an enchanting day, full of adventure and amazement in the Efteling, you still have one wish left: To have another day, just like this. You can always stay in the Efteling Hotel or in the several houses and appartments in Efteling Bosrijk (Forestrealm), which lays next to the themepark. Every stay always includes access to the Efteling.

Source: Efteling Press

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