Drayton Manor Park celebrates Changing Places Awareness Day with the opening of its state-of-the-art Hoist Room

Posted in Drayton Manor on Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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Drayton Manor Park has a brand new addition to the award winning attraction with the opening of its Hoist Room. This state-of-the-art accessible toilet and changing facility has been provided for visitors with profound and multiple learning disabilities and the £15k project has so far has had some fantastic reviews.

Drayton Manor Park has launched this new facility with the support of Changing Places, the consortium launched in 2006, to represent a quarter of a million people with severe learning disabilities and its opening coincides with the Changing Places Awareness Day on 19th July 2016.

Research has found that disabled people do not have access to public toilet facilities that meet their needs when out and about and Drayton Manor Park wanted to ensure it helps and supports all of its visitors. It has strong access for all facilities and this new addition to the park only strengthens its offering.

This brand new room consists of a toilet, a wash hand basin, a shower, an hydraulic bed and a hoist. Most importantly the room is spacious enough to provide ample room for carers and is located behind the First Aid department. The electronic hoist is easy to use with a foot pedal to pump it up to its maximum level above waist height. Tarmac has been laid out the back to make access to the room more easily accessible and wheel chair friendly. All the relevant support bars as well as an emergency call rope have been installed to ensure users are safe at all times.

Doug Stuart, Head of Facilities managed the project from start to finish with the help of Gemma Price, First Aid Team Leader. He said: “It was a true honour to manage this project, enabling the safe use of facilities for all the Drayton Manor Park visitors. We are an inclusive attraction who works hard to ensure all visitors have the best time possible.”

Rossanna Trudgian, Co-Chair of the Changing Places Consortium said: “We are thrilled that Drayton Manor Park has installed a Changing Places toilet. This will allow thousands of families to enjoy days out at the park, safe in the knowledge that there is a toilet that can meet their needs.

“It is fantastic to see more and more Changing Places toilets being installed across the UK as we celebrate 10 years of campaigning. However, Drayton Manor Park is only the second theme park in the UK to provide Changing Places toilets.

“There are still many large public places across the UK that lack Changing Places toilets and therefore deny people’s rights. With the help of our fantastic campaigners, and our campaign sponsors Aveso, we will continue to fight to make sure every single one of the quarter of a million people in the UK who require a Changing Places toilet, can access one.”

Source: Drayton Manor Park Press

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