BMX, Motorbikes, Stunts and Insanity: Nitro Circus - 2016 World Tour

Posted in Events on Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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“Nitro Circus is an "action sport collective" led by Travis Pastrana, featuring his friends and him traveling around the world riding dirtbikes, base jumping, and performing stunts. It has spawned a tour, a second television series based on the tour, and a 3D feature film.” That’s what the WikiPedia page of Nitro Circus says, and I can tell you, it’s exactly that but with a smell of burned rubber, exhausts and loads of noise. I love it!

Last Saturday, the 20th of February 2016, Nitro Circus decided to show their antics in the soccer stadium ‘Gelredome’ of soccerclub ‘Vitesse’ in Arnhem, the Netherlands. And I would be stupid if I wouldn’t undergo that experience. In short, me and a couple of friends bought tickets, proving that we’re not stupid.

I’ve been to the Gelredome before, but only for party purposes, so seeing it had been transformed in a stunt-arena with 2 big landing ramps, and several smaller launching ramps was exciting to begin with. They had installed a large screen in the background, where they showcased parts of interviews with the members of Nitro Circus and parts of the tv-series that aired on Mtv.

We arrived a little early, around 40 mins before they started the show, but that gave us some time to walk around the hallways and check out the stands that stood there. A lot of them were merchandise stands that were selling t-shirts, sweaters, jersey’s, caps and other Nitro Circus related/branded items, the rest of them sold food or drinks.

After walking around for 10 minutes, and taking the ‘responsible, smart adult pre-show’ little toilet break, we returned to our seats. Right in time, because the show was about to begin. The presentation of the show was great. It took them some time to get the crowd, dutch people are incredibly sober, up and running, but after a couple of stunts and some encouragement, the crowd was cheering, yelling, clapping and occasionally giving standing ovations to the Nitro Circus crew.

What I personally thought was perfect, was how they built up the tension. The combination of the actual stunts and showing older material of that same stunt going bad on the big screen, tells you that these stunts actually can go bad. For example, there’s a stunt involving a cart in the shape of a barrel. When it rode into the arena, the hosts stopped the show and told a little story about how they cannot do that stunt, because it went wrong before. To support that message, they show you footage of that stunt, where the female driver Jolene van Vugt is losing her balance and hits a truss that was standing right next to the launching ramp with her head. She gladly survived, has a couple of broken bones, but this tells you that things can go very wrong.

On the good part, nothing went wrong with the stunts they were showing that night and the atmosphere was amazing. The stunts were amazing, as you can see in this compilation, the hosts were funny, the show was more than complete. Let’s see if they return next year, if they do I’ll be going. I can’t wait!

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