Announced: Ocean Explorers Ride at SeaWorld San Diego

Posted in SeaWorld San Diego on Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Author: Josh Gilson

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More than a Rumor Mill, we have news from SeaWorld San Diego today that's real! A New Ride in 2017.

Ocean Explorer

SeaWorld San Diego will unveil a new fun, interactive and educational attraction that is sure to inspire! Ocean Explorer, an experience centered on science, exploration and adventure, will allow guests to make special connections with incredible animals and discover how they help protect our oceans.

The new Ocean Explorer will give guests a variety of different ways to explore these underwater habitats, including:

1. Embarking on submarines, the signature ride of the attraction, you will travel to Ocean Explorer’s remarkable undersea animals as researchers on a mission to learn how to help animals.

2. It will bring you eye-to-eye with amazing animals, some of which have never been seen at the park before.

3. It will mesmerize you with spectacular jellies.

4. And awe you with glimpses of the Giant Pacific and other tropical octopuses living in habitats that mimic their natural ocean environments.

5. It will introduce you to the huge Japanese spider crabs, the world’s largest arthropod.

Ocean Explorer, the “newest, fully immersive attraction at SeaWorld San Diego is the next chapter in creating experiences that matter for our guests,” says Brian Morrow, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s vice president of theme park experience design. “Ocean Explorer demonstrates our ongoing commitment to creating new and fresh attractions, exhibits and events that provide the exciting, educational and entertaining experiences SeaWorld is known for.”

The heart and destination of Ocean Explorer will be a series of undersea research bases housing specially-designed aquariums and interactive activities displaying unique as well as elusive ocean animals. Animal Experiences

The jellies exhibit will consist of hundreds of colorful jellies displayed in oval and round kriesel aquariums. Water flowing along the edges of the aquarium walls will create a gentle current for the jellies to swim safely and freely. Giant Pacific and tropical octopuses will each live in habitats that will mimic their natural ocean environments. Japanese spider crabs, the world’s largest arthropod, will dwell in a large rocky reef-designed aquarium that guests can enjoy from multiple viewing locations including crawl tubes.


As adventurers on a global mission of scientific discovery, guests will travel to Ocean Explorer’s remarkable animals aboard submarines, the signature ride of the attraction. Embarking on these mini subs, visitors will become researchers on a mission to collect data and learn how they can help animals. This three-minute experience will include an onboard digital navigation dashboard, as well as a few other surprises along their journey, enhancing the riders’ understanding of the ocean ecosystem.

Ocean Explorer will also feature an exhilarating wave swinger ride where guests will literally fly through thousands of real bubbles in chairs suspended from the tentacles of a giant jelly. Three family-friendly rides will round out the fun of this immersive, new attraction.

Construction Begins 2016

Construction on Ocean Explorer will begin in summer 2016 on a 3-acre site where the Animal Connections exhibit and the Circle of Flags are currently located on the southeast side of the park. This multi-million dollar attraction is scheduled to open in late spring of 2017.

Stay tuned to Thrillz as we bring you the most up-to-date info. on this new attraction.


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