A Record Number of New Stuff in Europa-Park

Posted in Europa-Park on Friday, March 25, 2016
Author: Dion Verhelst

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Last weekend Europa-Park opened their gates to a new season for the 41st time. Investments made for this season and the following period are completely in the sign of improving the quality and experience of the park. The park presents a record number of renewals, to name a few: 

1. The main theme of Europa-Park are the European countries. In the late 1st quarter of 2016, the 14th land will be opened: Ireland. Some new family rides will call this home and, like every other part of the park does, you can enjoy typical Irish food and drinks here.

2. Luxemburg will get it's own spot in the place of a square in the middle of the park. This will open in June.

3. Dutch people will feel more at home, with the opening of the new 'poffertjes'-restaurant named "Molencafé" and the "Friethuys" in the Dutch theming area.

4. The former 'Colonial House', one of the 50 restaurants and food spots in the park, is being redecorated right now. It will reopen in may as "Spices", where you can eat several meals form around the world.

5. A new original craftsman house was build in the Swiss theme area, in response to the movie 'Schellen-Ursli'.

6. In the German street the last hand is being laid on a Jester-museum. Several masks from the carnaval festivity in the Black Woods will be showcased here.

7. In the, already extensive entertainment program, several show have been renewed.

8. Europa-Park already had a scoop last fall: Riding a rollercoaster with virtual reality goggles. The patented system can be used this season on two roller coasters. "Coastiality" can be experienced on "Pegasus" and "Alpenexpress" as you follow the track of the roller coasters and move in a virtual world.

9. After the successful 4D-movie "Tijdcarrousel", a new movie arrives: "Happy Family". Both 4D-movies will be shown alternately in Magic Cinema 4D.

10. In the Grimm Library in the Fairytale Forest, a new movie can be seen this summer.

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